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Name/Version: MicroFreak Editor version 3 3.4
Author: NoraPatches  
Description: Arturia MicroFreak Editor [version 3]

version: 3.4
Release date: 2021.11.15.
Device format: Max4Live MIDI Device (.amxd)
Release name and format: Arturia MicroFreak Editor version 3.amxd
Number of files: 1

This Max4Live MIDI device lets you control, edit, map and automate the given parameters on your hardware. (as per v4.0.1 [2021.10.26.] official User's Manual from Arturia)

It uses standard MIDI CC messages, no SysEx included.

You can use it also to map and modulate these knobs with Max4Live LFO device or draw in automation curves for them in Arrangement View.

From Version II and up there is a new function; you can monitor MIDI CC messages from your hardware and reflect them on the device knobs. This works seamlessly both ways; plugin->hardware and hardware->plugin as well. Forget to worry if you twist a knob on the synth, the GUI immediately adjusts itself automatically and accordingly.

The Randomise button will generate random numbers to each of the knobs and send them into the hardware, randomising the current patch. You can set the range with the number box below it. The X buttons toggle arming for randomisation.

The Morph button lets you randomly add to/subtract from the current values to slightly randomise your current patch. The X buttons toggle arming for randomisation (and morphing)

How to use:
1. In Ableton Live, create a new MIDI track
2. Add "Arturia MicroFreak Editor version 3.amxd" to this track
3. Select "Arturia MicroFreak" as MIDI input for this track
4. Set Monitoring to IN
5. Add External Instrument from Ableton Live Instruments*
6. Configure External Instrument to your MIDI OUT that you use for the Arturia MicroFreak**

[* External Instrument is only available in Live Suite or Standard. If you own another version, set this track's MIDI Out to your hardware.

**Add a new audio track and configure the audio input of your audio interface connected with your synthesiser.]


2021 NoraPatches

Device Details

Tags effect, utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 10.1
Max Version Used: 8.2
Date Added: Jan 25 2021 12:34:01
Date Last Updated: Jan 17 2022 19:59:03
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Thanks for this great tool. If you do any revisions in the future, it would be great if you could allow it to pass through MIDI program change messages. The MF responds to PC changes (patches 1-128 are on bank 1, 129 through 255 are on bank 2, etc.) I can normally control MF program changes via another keyboard, but when this device is in line, it appears to block them. Thanks. In Max, I think this is just connecting the PC channel from input to output to allow unmodified passthru.

Thank you for supporting my work!
Yeah, currently the device uses only [ctlin] and [ctlout] only, any other incoming MIDI is ignored.
I will introduce version 4 soon, I?ll fix this in that update :)

Many thanks for the fix, Nora!

thanks for the cool editor!
is there any news regarding the program change function?
is there a small manual for all functions?
what does the preset area do, for example?

I still have a problem.
if I draw an automation in the arrangement and then change the hardware manually, ableton does not show me this change.
With a plugin, the automation line turns gray and ableton indicates that I'm outside of the arrangement. I can then use the arrow in the transport area to jump back, unfortunately this is not possible with the editor.

then i still have the problem if i want to record the controller movements that i make by hand on the hardware, ableton records them in the arrangement and at the same time in the clip. So I have a double automation. is there a way to bypass this?

Thank you for your help!

First of all, thank you for supporting my work!
With kind feedback from a user, I?m currently working on implementing a solution where Local mode will have to be set to Off and the synth will be hooked up from/to Live like if it were a VST, this will enable us to overcome the automation issue you described. I only ask for a bit of patience, please, I?m working on multiple devices parallel at the moment, but I?ll try to hurry up with the update. Program Change messages should simply go theough with the latest version however.
A PDF manual is in-progress for all my past (and for the future) devices as well!

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