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Name | Version: micro-tuner 1.0
Author: Sanders
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: A simple, versatile and comprehensible micro-tuning device for Ableton using Max For Live, both mono- and polyphonic, which works for both soft-synths and (mono) external hardware!! Other than .tun or .scl systems, this one just tunes the chromatic scale up or down as you please, which makes it very suitable for Maqam/Indian/oriental scales, but less for scales of more than 12 notes or scales which repeat every octave.

To use it polyphonically simply group the device with a (mono) synth and duplicate the chain to the number of voices you would like to have, the midi notes will be distributed automatically and all settings will be mirrored between all the devices in a single rack! Doesn't matter if the rack is contained in another rack, it will only distribute notes between the instances in the same rack level.

Micro|tuner uses a simple easy to generate/adapt text-based preset system shared between all instances of the device, similar to how vst presets would work, at the location of your .amxd file under midi-micro-tuner/tunefiles. More info in the short guide included with the download! The file system has not been tested on windows or OS X Mojave and later yet, if you encounter any issues let me know, I will try to look into it a.s.a.p.!

I'm offering it for the price of a coffee, it's a time of need for many artists! If you do have something extra to spare that's definitely appreciated, in any case thanks a lot for keeping this musician caffeinated throughout summer, which definitely ensures many more devices to come ;)

tags: micro tuner tune tuning


Live Version Used: 10.1.2
Max Version Used: 8.1.3
Date Added: Jul 12 2020 18:27:16
Date Last Updated: Mar 16 2022 15:16:49
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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this is AMAZING!

thanks, @Sanders !
yes thanks for this, if i wanted to create a group of known micro tonal scales is there an easy way that you know of to build or download those text files
Hi @Leescan

This device does not support .tun or .scl files, because it functions fundamentally differently: it assumes consistency over octaves and a 12 note divide of the octave, which many of the scales in those files do not have. If you want to build a scale that fits within the limitations of this device though, here is the logic behind the text files: numbers 1-12 are the amount of detuning of the corresponding not (from C up to B). Number 0 is the pitch bend range. optionally you can add number 13 to set wether the pitch bend output is in 7 or 14 bit resolution and nr 14 to set wether it outputs the MIDI notes too or just the pitch bend information. If you leave any number out, that setting will just remain in the current state.

That said, it should be fairly easy to create something (in Python for example) that generates files like that, but I'm not sure in which regard it will be faster then just doing it manually in the device itself. What particularly are you looking for? Perhaps a kind of database of common scales would not be a bad idea, definitely willing to look into the possibilities!

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