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Name/Version: less concepts 1.3
Author: dndrks  
Description: 'less concepts' uses elementary cellular automata (CA) to scan sets of notes and determine which ones to play + when, by iterating a seed value through a set of simple rules.

there are four classes of rules:
- Class 1: rapidly converge to stasis (eg. rule 32)
- Class 2: rapidly converge to repetition (eg. rule 108)
- Class 3: longer-running + repeating (eg. rule 182)
- Class 4: complex structure that has varying convergences (eg. rule 110)

as you play, you'll find that some rules start off as very active and then terminate to silence (eg. rule 60). this is expected and intentional -- simply re-seed the rule and you'll get another burst of activity (great for flourishes). 'less concepts' is full of parameters that can be tweaked and modulated to create complex sequences out of very simple decisions.

use the included PDF doc and `visual rules` aides to learn more.

for new [phone] mode and other text boxes, check out @rjonline's devices:


this max for live version includes all the major functions of the monome norns script of the same name. it also has a unique feature set:
- [olafur] mode: inspired by the self-playing pianos of Olafur Arnalds, [olafur] will bypass the chosen scale and will build note pools from direct keyboard input. just arm the track and play a chord.
- [laurie] mode: inspired by Music Mouse by Laurie Spiegel, [laurie] will add chord voicings to your bit streams. choose a gating bit and enable '1' '2' or '3' for unique harmonies.
- five text-based meta sequencers: using text operators, sequence/modulate/randomize all parameters to extend expressivity.


the core functionality of 'less concepts' is adapted from Ezra Buchla's binary-centric implementation of CA in monome's Teletype eurorack module.

to learn more about elementary cellular automata:

'less concepts' is also an album:
original artwork by Racquel Cable (IG: @biscotti.dippin)

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Downloads: 2745
Tags sequencer, other
Live Version Used: 10.1.9
Max Version Used: 8.1.3
Date Added: Apr 15 2020 16:42:41
Date Last Updated: Sep 16 2020 21:41:41
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Device File: less concepts


ummmmmmm... amazing device dndrks...big thanks for sharing this very interesting, evolving sequencer...nice album too

thank you, very useful.

glad you're both enjoying it! thank you for the kind words :)
please, share what you're making with it!

I'm not getting any midi output. Any ideas?

Nevermind, I figured it out

Yes. I love this device. I think it possibly my favourite max4live download. I read the attachment and I think I almost get it conceptually too, for some reason feels like a healthy way to generate MIDI with all that maths going on. I?m now wondering what other teletype algorithms would port over. Not that I can do anything about that.

So good. It's a very unique concept (see what I did there...) and it's worth taking a quick look at the manual, which is incredibly well written and informative while remaining concise and easy to follow (thank you!). One of my favs.

This looks great but I don't seem to get any midi output. I am in Live 11.3

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