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Name/Version: GranuRise 1.1.5
Author: andrejkobal  
Description: GranuRise is a sample & synthesis based non-conventional creative tool that enables immersive sonic interaction and lets you create complex sound structures intuitively.

Less a software & more of an instrument

Gestural control | conduct your sound | the gesture as a human LFO

Thinking outside of a grid – based environment

Expressive interaction with the software

Semi-prepared generative structures with real-time interaction

Real-time audio processing and transformation

Control each grain independently | pitch, volume, filter…

Draw your own Window function

Mix between engines: Granular | Spectra | Sample | Synth | EFFECT

Endless evolving layers & textures creates a final sound design

All layers as a sound source for the pitch transformation – without altering the speed of the sound

MIDI | MPE | OSC | Mira | Roli Blocks integration

Advanced preset recalling and morph options combined with the gesture feature

Complex sound design using your own gesture without complex matrices and advance LFO settings

Device Details

Tags synth, sampler, sequencer, effect, glitch, other, hardware
Live Version Used: 10.1.4
Max Version Used: 8.1.1.
Date Added: Mar 23 2020 17:35:33
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Device Type: instrument_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


This is a pure gem here! I encourage ev' who likes sound design & more, to dive into. Worth the money!


Thanks! Glad you like it.


When I'm in Live 10 (under the settings button) in the audio section, I only have Audio setup Mixer interpolation as an option. In Max I have the option to record sample, but I bought it for use in as a Max for Live as a plugin. Any ideas? I can't even see a record button on the main GUI in Ableton. I tried emailing from your main site last night, but couldn't find an option to upload a photo.



Hello again,

Although the creator of this plugin has been in touch with me and explained that the Max4Live version of this plugin cannot accept incoming audio and only the Max version functions as in the videos, I did not purchase the plugin for Max. I bought it as a plugin for Ableton. This may be a great plugin that can produce amazing sounds, but I'm not interested in using Max alone to make this. I want to use it in Ableton.

Hopefully I can get my refund considering the advertising on this site as a Max4Live plugin and the failures as a Max4Live plugin

Hi Arthur,

As explained, this is a limitation because this is an M4l instrument and not an audio effect. Anyway, you can still record your samples directly into the GranuRise granular buffer.

I have made a tutorial which explains how the recording of live input works in the M4L version. Here is the link

Basically, the functionality of the M4L is the same as in the Max version; only the procedure is different.
But as a plus with this system, you get some extra creative options with the Ableton Live Clips (more here

Hope that helps.


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