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Name | Version: Global Transpose 1.0
Author: greaterthanzero
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This should behave more or less as Live's "pitch" midi device, except that each instance in your live set will control every other instance. So, if you need to change the key of your whole song, you can do that in one place.

Additionally, there's a "broadcast chain" control, to break that feature. If some of your instances are set to chain A, and some are set to chain B, chain A will only control chain A, and chain B will only control chain B. I'm not convinced this is actually useful here, but if you ignore it, everything's on the same chain.

Care has been taken to avoid endless loops, but I'd still advise caution with the mapping and automation. (specifically, I've messed myself up by mapping the knob to an LFO device on the same track, and then duplicating the track. don't ever do that.)


v1.01 adds a Max For Live Audio Device, with the same interface. This obviously doesn't transpose incoming audio, but it was requested that the device be made available on your master track, and this is how we accomplish that.

But just to make life interesting, it seems I can't replace a .amxd file with a .zip file. So download that here, I guess:


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Sep 06 2019 17:02:20
Date Last Updated: Sep 06 2019 17:54:29
Downloads: 1610
License: None
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Device File: global_transpose.amxd


This is brilliant! I run 17 channels of MIDI instruments live and I've been needing something like this to make key changes on the fly, and without having to MIDI map 17 separate instances of midi Pitch. Thank you!
What a great device! Thanks @greaterthanzero 🙏
The broadcast chain is cool! Thanks @greaterthanzero
Thank you. Just what I needed.

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