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Hey, that download link seems to be broken. Just FYI.

It adds a minimal amount of latency in the note collection phase. There's a [thresh 1] object in play which delays things by 1ms. And there are two of those, though I don't believe the timing of one is dependent on the other's completion. So I would say that there is either one or two milliseconds of known latency added.

For a MIDI drum track, that difference shouldn't be perceptible, but if you're using those midi notes to trigger audio effects, it won't be considered sample-accurate timing.

...but as I noticed your question a full year after you asked it, you've probably evaluated for yourself by now.


I'll run some tests and re-evaluate.


"Useless" is relative.

Presets aren't currently stored, no. You'll find, if you try to add that, there are a couple of clean-up mechanisms in play that are going to interfere in surprising and nasty ways. Those will need to be restructured before it becomes viable.

Just a simple example, my patch includes a file called "matrix.png". What are the chances that no other patches anywhere also include a file called "matrix.png"?

Isolated by directory, they can coexist happily. But unfreeze any two such patches for editing, and you've created a file conflict that will never resolve itself without user intervention.

So, maybe I name my files more uniquely. And that'd solve it for sure, until someone builds on my patch and reuses the file. Which I'd totally encourage in any other circumstance, but now?

Technically, that last bit isn't my problem, but it is completely avoidable. Responsible file management means I package the files separately.

We've got a great platform for distributing open source apps, with a convenience feature that discourages modifying each other's code. Refusing to acknowledge it seems the only sane answer.

You'd be surprised.

I hate frozen devices like nobody's business.


Max For Live can't tell the difference between incoming notes from your controller vs from your clips. It's all just incoming notes from earlier in the chain. This is a blessing and a curse.

It sounds like you've put the device on your instrument track, affecting every note that reaches the instrument. That's clearly not what you want. Instead, bring your controller in on its own track and put the device there. Use the "MIDI TO" drop-down to send notes from that track to your instrument. Use that same drop-down to send your clips to the instrument from their own track. The effects you place on each source will only affect that source.


I've hacked a few versions w/ mappable timing control. Haven't liked any of them yet -- what's your vision for how you would use it?