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Name | Version: STING by SKINNERBOX 1.0
Author: skinnerbox
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: 2022 UPDATE: the latest and live 11 compatible version of the device can be downloaded for free here:

the classic acid pattern generator that we released back in 2013 is online again. click the eyes on the smiley face for a new pattern, and use the other controls to sculpt the results. demo video here:


Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Aug 03 2017 03:59:53
Date Last Updated: Sep 08 2022 10:37:12
Downloads: 88898
License: AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives
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Device File: STING!64 by SKINNERBOX.amxd


Always loved this device!

Just out of curiosity, is anything changed in this version since the last version was released?
This is probably my favourite 3rd party mfl device of all time, certainly of the free ones! It's right up there with the Convolution Reverb as a must-have.

I recommend this to everyone getting into MFL. It started me down a whole path of making my own version that suited the needs of our band even more. Our version is - lovingly - called "The Police", hehe.

Thank you so much for sharing, guys. Good stuff.
@wetterberg, is yours hosted /available? :)
Cool staff!
It is very important to make the parameter OFF SET that would move the pattern!
I would be glad if you did it)
thank you all for the loving comments! please note that this is a legacy device from 2013 which we are not intended to work on, we did however released "Time Sting!" which has a lot more functionality including offsetting patterns, creating midi clips and what not:
hey thanks, very cool!
where i found the acid frendly sequencer?
I download and receive (not compatible with this version of Ableton). Is that due to not having 11 live?
is this compatible with mac os big sur ?
Have used this a lot, although I think the last ableton update has stopped this working correctly
Hey, it's saying "this device is not available with this version of Live".

I have Live 11 Standard. Do I need suite version to be able to use this?
Hi guys,

I'm getting the same message. "this device is not available with this version of Live"

I use mine on Windows. Any help would be really apreciated.
Hello I'm getting the same message. "this device is not available with this version of Live" Please help with more information
it's a killer. So much fun and super useful. Thank you a lot skinnerbox
For some reason when I try to use it on Ableton Live 11 Standard 11.3.10 - it says that "the device is not available in this version of live". But when I open it with Ableton Live Trial 11.0.12 it works. Is the version I have of Ableton 11 Standard too up to date to use Sting!64 ? Would love some help on this & I know i'm not the only one.

Thanks !

Hey guys, i do have the same question as @Denara.
When I try to open the plugin it say "the device is not available in this version of live". I use Ableton Live 11 light though.
Works well with Live 11.3.13 Suite. Thank you very much!
Hello. I have m1. I have Ableton 11.3.21. This device is not available my version. Please help.

Hello. I have m1. I have Ableton 11.3.22. and I get this message "This device is not available my version"
Please help.

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