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Name | Version: LOOPO 1.3
Author: rbrt23
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: LOOPO a device for recording and layering midi-clips in Ableton Live's 'session view'.

actually, it's re-defining the way improvisation in Live's 'session view' works.

Just hit ‘REC’, LOOPO will wait for you to play something and then start recording,no pre-roll or waiting for Live’s transport to reach 1.1.1 to record a clip that's in sync with your set!

LOOPO can record 'master-clips' that set Live's tempo and then record 'slave-clips' in sync - 'slave-clips' can be recorded at any point in the playing bar, independent of Live's 'launch quantization'.LOOPO will sync the clips for you.

there are lots of other features like a custom overdub and undo function and more.

requires Ableton Live 9 and MaxforLive 6.1.9 and up

click the gumroad-link to get the full version for 15 euro!
the first 50 customers get 50% off,the offer code is 'loopo'.
...or get the demo-version for free,
the demo will stop working after 5 to 10 minutes,deleting clips you have I evil?

v1.3 - recording 'slave-clips' in 'free-mode' was broken since LIVE 9.6....fixed!
-you may now record very long master-clips
-added 'proportional length' to options:if enabled,the length of new 'slave-clips' will be proportional to the length of the last recorded 'master-clip'


Live Version Used: 9.6
Max Version Used: 7.2.3
Date Added: May 25 2016 14:13:05
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 3

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License: Attribution
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You're much too obscure in your description. Looping can be done in a number of ways and your features do no appear to be unique making the "how" quite important. Please make a more detailed description.

Yes, there's a demo and there's also a limited amount of time. You have any idea how many demos I download and never start up?
Thanks for Loopo. I find myself wanting a simpler device that works more like Live's Audio Looper but for midi. I like that Loopo auto places the data on a clip (which Looper doesn't do and can't do via midi mapping - only mouse drag and drop).

My use case is recording an initial drum loop via drum triggers and wanting to be able to edit the notes and change the sounds (hence the need for a midi looper). This is the closest I've seen, but I can't get it to work consistently and the automatic loopo mode changes are problematic for my workflow (try clip, clear, restart).

I also find that Loopo doesn't always "hear" my midi note that triggers the Record button to close the loop.

I've tried editing it for my personal use, but the patcher windows LOOPO_1.3 doesn't have a menu bar, nor can I resize it. I assume this is intentional, but is there a way for me to change this? documentation and searches online haven't helped.
Nevermind. found a way "new&view"
Any advice appreciated...! I'm using my OP-1 as a MIDI controller/keyboard in Live.

Long story short: MIDI mapped OP-1 keys will only (momentarily) toggle the states in LOOPO, as opposed to switching between states. So when pressing e.g. assigned Overwrite key on OP-1, it switches to Overwrite while pressing key down, and switches back to Overwrite OFF when releasing same key on OP-1.

Is there a way to overcome this?? Would really like it to work fine with my OP-1.

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