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Name | Version: SEQ16v3 1.2
Author: hyakken
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: version 3 of SEQ16
free update for SEQ16 user
there are 2 version of SEQ16(normal, midi)
midi version is midi mappable


added slave mode to SEQ2/3
added clock reset function to SEQ1(test version)
expanded LFO function(phase, noise)

improved timing of clock reset function

added midi transposer
added swinger


Live Version Used: 9.6
Max Version Used: 7.2
Date Added: Nov 20 2015 19:22:45
Date Last Updated: May 07 2016 20:38:21
Downloads: 3
License: Attribution
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Very nice,GUI is just about perfection. I like the option to select individual select step size, a unique take on the roland185 style. Just wish it had a reset function per bar, only way to do this is to print it out & loop.
hey hyakken,

i just bought seq16v3.

i really like the sequencer. but there was one thing i would really love to be implemented.

i thought when you tie same notes together, that they would become a consecutively longer.

for example: the sequencer runs at 1/16 notes per step and i tie 4 consecutive steps of the same note value (lets say C3) so i get a new note which is a 1/4 note long. then the global gate and the gate sequencer would trim this new note length accordingly.

i would really love that to be part of the device.

cheers. Marc

about reset function
reset function means resetting sequencer start point predefined bar size?


I will try to make this behavior in a future update


Yes, like in reaktor 6 you can reset to master clock & in the m4l mono sequencer.

Okay, I will try to add clock reset function.
hey hyakken,

cool. thx for the effort.

cheers. marc

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