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Name/Version: mm4lr - modified-mlr for M4L - 0.6
Author: tkrworks  
Description: Please look at demonstration video.

This is the app ported 'modified-mlr' to M4L.
The modified-mlr is

1. based on mlr v2.27.
2. used Presentation mode
3. betterment of pad quantize and max patch visiblity
4. Implemented the ON/OFF function of loop-set mode
5. Implemented live-clip sampling function
6. possible to use each outputs of multi-channel audio interface(ONLY modified-mlr v0.6)

The download of modified-mlr for Max5 is here.

The original mlr document

-- ChangeLog --
v0.6 fixed some bugs(speed and preset)
v0.5 added file i/o(enable to save and load presets). increased group num from 4 to 6.
v0.4 supported time-signature in live.
v0.3 support the pattern recording and live-clip sampling function.
v0.1 first release(beta version).

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Downloads: 5019
Tags sampler, sequencer, glitch, hardware, dj
Live Version Used: 8.2.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.7
Date Added: Jun 16 2010 08:08:23
Date Last Updated: Jan 06 2011 18:39:23
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: mm4lr.amxd



Auto focus comes up as bound


cool, but pattern recorders wont work...

Lovely and Wov! Quick and responsive - but - same here. Unfortunately I can't get the pattern recorders to work. Great work though and really appreciated. I hope you can find the time and motivation to fix the pattern recorders. Thanxz from John.
MacBook Pro, OS X 10.6.3, Live 8.1.3, MaxMSP Runtime 5.1.4.

Yes! Everything works perfectly on my machines with version 0.3. This ported MIR is better and more convenient than the original in my opinion.
m-mm--mm-a-aa-nn-n-n-ny t-hhh--a-a-a-aa-a--n-k---xx--z-z---zzz-!-!-!!!

looks cool, but how to get connected to monoroute? what prefix do i have to set?

what does this do? the description doesnt describe what it does!

Great job on your conversion. Works better than the stand alone version with Live. Unfortunately the ability to loop a segment (Pressing two buttons) doesn't seem to work for me on the Launchpad. Is this a know issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Besides that it works brilliantly


First thanks for all the nice work!

Unfortunately I get a few important bugs:

-if I stop Ableton and press play again the mm4lr tracks (where pads were pressed before pressing play again) speeds like crazy!!

-The reverse function don't work at all and Loop can only be activated by click.
Assuming it's the 2 top right buttons. I tried to press them combined to the stop buttoms and it create a feedback, the volume go to max...

-From what I see from the picture above, I don't see any waveform of any clip...

+1 for autoconfig (really needed)

-I can loop a sample by selecting the loop button but the grey squares don't show any changes...

(can't find any doc...)

Note: I'm on XP SP3 - Live 8.1.4 (I formated my laptop 1hour ago so it can't be any conflict but the version of Live.)


this is great! it works like a charm and i can't get it to crash =)
the segmentloopers (pressing two buttons) is not woring here either. if you could get that fixed it will be SO great!!

What do you think about adding two more patternrecorders? so you have 4 and use all the topbuttons on a monome 64.

another thing:

the octavebuttons doesn't seem to work right.

I like to have one recording on two rows in different octaves, but that doesnt seem to work?

This seems to work alot better than the M4L version at

As above, looping by pressing 2 keys doesn't seem to work & i can't seem to get it to save the samples I've used which is annoying..perhaps I'm doing something wrong?

Actually I think I've changed my mind about this, what is the point if you can't save your samples with it!!? Using LCC now and loving it!

i can't get this to work at all?

i'm trying to get this to work with a launchpad

i drag monomeemu 0.9.5a to a MIDI track and start communicating with the launchpad (which works for other monome m4l devices like 7up and stretta objects)

i drag the mm4lr to an audio track. drag and audio file to the "audio file drop" box. i select the file in the first drop down list and hit play and nothing happens. from what i've read and seen, the launchpad row 2 lights should start moving?

the only feedback interaction i get are buttons 5 & 6 on row 1 light up and seem to affect Pattern Length??

thanks for any help anyone can give!

Dear all,

I'm sorry for this late reply.

1. loop-set mode
If you want to use mlr's loop-set mode, please click 'loop' button.

2. file save and load function
In the latest version, I added 'file io' button. You can use this function to click it.


Thanks for updating this, glad it can save now :)

how can i record my chopping session with mlr/mm4lr in live!

the only way is by "resampling" in an audio track ,by recording what you hear..?


This is the best implementation of MLR for Ableton Live. Only thing im missing would be the ability to map the go button to a keyboard or midi key. Is there any way to do this easily? Cheers.

That's really cool, and it works perfect. But for me, it has a problem. It's made with groove~ object, and it causes some nasty clicks. If you'll made it with xgroove~ this problem will disappear.

Nice job!

Attention programmers: I want to see if I can hire you to help me with a max for live project. I love the pattern recorders in MLR. Basically I want to you to take the pattern recorders from MLR and make them their own max for live midi plugin for midi looping.
Would you be willing to help me? If so we can negotiate your price. Email me @

doesnt work with live 9 ....

should we wait for an update?


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