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This is the best implementation of MLR for Ableton Live. Only thing im missing would be the ability to map the go button to a keyboard or midi key. Is there any way to do this easily? Cheers.

lairdriver: load up live, and drag the amxd file into your max 4 live audio effects folder on the left. Should be good to go.

This is fantastic, just what i've been looking for, this can be used with a launchpad, just use a monome emulator. ive been using monomemu and it seems to work for the most part ok. I have notice a few glitches which may be due to me using monomemu. The looping can be a bit stubborn sometimes, not wanting to actually loop. and sometimes when it is looped, it seems to slip out for an extra 16 note before going back to the loop (a 16th behind). Ive also noticed that the chopping is a bit random sometimes, when i trigger the first beat of a bar quite often there's a click or pop, and the first halve of the kick drum is cut off. Despite these issues this is still awesome. Im waiting with baited breath for the launchpad version :)