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Name | Version: RPE3 1.51
Author: hyakken
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: version3 of Rhythm Pattern Editor
free update for Rhythm Pattern Editor user

8 track grid sequencer
each track can be controlled independently
each track has two step slider unit(one for velocity, one for assignable)
each track has one LFO

grid random/clear function didn't work correctly(fixed)
added gate time to target parameter of step seq
added step seq output min/max control
save/load snapshots didn't work correctly(fixed)
added polyrhythmic mode
modified LFO(added phase and noise control)
added grid pattern template menu
added step slider pattern template menu
now each track has 2 step slider track(one for velocity, one for assignable)
assignable step sliders didn't work correctly(fixed)
radomize range param didn't work correctly(fixed)


Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.6
Date Added: Jul 16 2015 17:27:03
Date Last Updated: Dec 12 2015 18:38:29
Downloads: 3
License: Attribution
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I found a bug where pressing c to clear does not clear the track audio.
So visually the tracks are empty but i can still here the sequence of drums.

I think the GUI is a big improvement but alas i feel with every release after 1.5 we seem to lose features. We lost trigger frq in version 2 which was useful and we have now lost polyrhythmic mode. So not really understanding the progression here.

I think that the drop down would better suite velocity as default rather than midi output. I also think being able to set a range for max/minimum would be useful.

Just my thoughts & opinions.


Thank you for your feedback.

Actually polyrhythmic mode makes the patch slow.
I wanted to make the patch as possible as fast.
I think this version is much faster than v2.

After bug fixes, I will add some old features.

I will fix bugs soon as possible.

Also it seems you can only have one set of seq parameters so if you set velocity values you can not set swing as well its either one or the other. in earlier versions this was independent of each other.

yes, this version has 1 step seq per track.
hey there,

i also miss the polyrhythmic mode :/

and i also dont like, that you just have one sequencer per track. for me this means i would just always leave it on velocity, because it's just to important to trade in.

so independent sequencers would be nice. and it would also be nice to have a "gate" sequencer for each track, for varying note lengths.



It's possible to add polyrhythmic mode or multiple step seq per track.
But if adding back all functions which older version has,
it makes the patch slow.

I'm not very sure which function is most required.

You are right v2 does take some seconds load but it never really bothered me as once it has loaded its just as quick. I'm more likely to use 1.5 & 2.0 given the choice although i was playing with the swing track in version 3.0 & this is another brilliant feature that i have not seen before, i can see me using that a lot.


I have received some messages about improvement of loading time.
So user interface and loading time are top priorities for this version.

After bug fixes, I will make an expand version of v3.
I will adding back polyrhythmic mode and multiple step sequencer per track.

hey hyakken,

glad to read that there will be an expanded version of of rpe v3 (load time never bothered me as well).
also thanks for the implementation of gate time for the seq's.


I will start making expand version of RPE v3,
which has polyrhythmic mode and multiple step seq per track.
If you have any other feature requests, please let me know.


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