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Name | Version: Dela Long Delay 1.1
Author: peoplespalms
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: A tempo synced long delay. Delay times from 1/4 notes to 16 BARS and everywhere in between. Use it to make long delay lines that slowly fade away as you add more. Feedback appreciated. Update 1.1 adds 32 & 64 bar buttons.


Live Version Used: 9.1.6
Max Version Used: 7.0.1
Date Added: Jan 27 2015 15:56:55
Date Last Updated: Apr 10 2015 00:06:45
Downloads: 2741
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: Dela.amxd


Will definitely let you know if it works in Max 6 peoplespalms.
Works fine in Max 6.1.9 peoplespalms
Thanks Proflogik!
VERY awesome delay device! a little reminiscent of Angstrolooper but LOVE the ability to jump to different times. quite nice effects created using the unique abilities in Dela ;)

Thanks so much for this!
Excellent device, May I request loop times of 32 or better yet, 64 bars?
I'll work on an update soon, 32 and 64 should be possible.
I'll work on an update soon, 32 and 64 should be possible.
I'll work on an update soon, 32 and 64 should be possible.
I'll work on an update soon, 32 and 64 should be possible.
64 bars For the Win!! Thanks so much for the LOOOOOONG Dela.
and the "Stop" button is such a great touch, Very well thought-out and implemented!
This is one of the most useful delays I have found for LIVE! The really long delays are wonderful and the divisions make sense without a lot of UI nonsense. Some suggestions to make it even more useful...

1) Both Hi and Lo Cut filters
2) Time modulation - Sine/Tri/Square with Rate and Depth in Hz
3) Freeze - Capture the current audio in the delay and keep playing it back

This is close to having Expert Sleepers Augustus Loop in LIVE. Thanks for your work on this...really excellent.

I should have time to make those updates in the next month or so. Freeze might be a little difficult for me but the other edits sound like fun! Thanks for the feedback!! :)
This is probably my most used Max device. It's the first thing i donwload whenever i have to re-install Ableton. Fantastic for Frippertronics style delay looping. A shame it's hard to find on this site even when knowing the name. Thanks for all the work on making this!
Thanks Dart, can't believe I made this 8 years ago! I still use it every once in a while. Found myself back here looking at all of Kentaros MAx4Live Devices, wild stuff!
I agree with the comment above...this is one of THE most useful and elegant delay devices I've found for M4l. Use it ALL the time. Should you ever think of updating it there's two things that would be useful...
1) An output control as I note a loss in volume with a mix @40%.
2) Modulation - a simple sine wave (or slewed random) modulation of the delay to add some wobble.
Either way is really great and leads me to wonder why things from Ableton like "Echo" only do 1 Bar and 5 seconds? Thank you!!

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