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Name/Version: Oscilloscope V2 2.9
Author: blindeQ  
Description: M4L Oscilloscope v2
Analyze and Visualize Audio Signals.

Use the devices after Instruments/Audiosignals etc. or put it in the Master Channel.
You need an Audiosignal source like a Synthesizer, Sampler,etc.

Oscilloscope Features:

+ XY Oscilloscope
+ Separate Window (custom size)
+ Changeable Drawmodes and other features
+ Custom options
+ Preset Bank
+ Supports HW Rendering and Anti-Aliasing

Sylenth1 (3.0) - Preset Bank Oscilloscope_V1

some screenshots:

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Downloads: 12462
Tags effect, utility, other, beta
Live Version Used: 9.7.7
Max Version Used: 7.3.4
Date Added: Dec 17 2014 10:15:47
Date Last Updated: Oct 25 2018 22:52:10
Average Rating (6) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: oscilloscope_v2.9.amxd


Great device! Here's a sample of a test

Thanks for update, but when changing window size, the "active" color for font is same as background color, you can only set a size while the window is open basically. Dunno if that changes with the skins but I mostly use the original skin or my slightly modified one version, where only the lights have different colors.

I guess of course one could just go in and change the color easily.

hello anivia,

the font color thing is fixed now.

Great thanks!

This is amazing! Would it be possible to add pots so you could automate the line colour as well as randomise function?

Can you describe how to use "left in" and "right in"?
I have two instruments (channels) in Instrument Rack, but have no idea how to redirect them to "left in" and "right in" inputs.

Thanks for your work :)

hey skuzziport,
i will implement this idea an fix some of the bugs.

please rate this patch :)

hey klimat,

for example: use a synth with 2 osc?s and set osc1 to the left audio chanel and osc2 to the right audio channel. change the phase of one of the osc?s to 90 degree

if you use a sinewave on each osc you will see a nice round circle

checkout some videos from Jerobeam Fenderson:

or checkout some of his max patches here on maxforlive:

Good day! Amazing device! Thank's for sharing! Is it possible to make the feature that fixes custom render screen position when user save and reopen the project? It is a great device, but so lazy to move that screen every time when I open the project. Have a nice day!

Could you renew the link for "Sylenth1 (3.0) - Preset Bank Oscilloscope_V1"?
It isn't active. Thank's in advance!

in the new version there is an dial to change the color too.
(at this time i was not able to implement the lightness dial to get working. if someone know a solution please contact me. thx)

at this time i was not able to find a solution to implement this feature, so i deactivated the window when loading the max patch.
you have to turn it on if needed.

the link to the sylenth1 preset bank list online now

please rate this patch :)

Hey dude. Great device but it crashes 9/10 times when i try to put it on a track.


Good day! Thank's a lot for the great device! Could you advise, is it possible to make mappable XYZ parameters of rotation on the window settings section? I am a newbie in the m4l, could you advise please the way I could do it? What objects I could modify? Have a nice day!

Hi There!

Just want to say thank You for this device!

When I use the scope to full screen,the movement is laggy,no matter how I set up the frame rate etc,is it a bug,or can I set up anywhere the full screen option?


on my mbp m1 13' I cannot move the popup window, if I try to modify the device from Max, it doesnt work when I load it inside ableton, still a giant black window and I cannot move it or use ableton in anyway.

How can I fix this?

Thanks so much for this device.
I had so much fun the other night, when I finally got this to work on my mac and my brain to understand how it worked.
It?s really cool but I can?t seam to find a way to record a video of it.

I thought that I could do it over Syphon but it doesn?t see the Oscilloscope window, so I tried to use a NDI Scan Converter but it only sees the Ableton session window and not the Oscilloscope Window.
Anyone with a solution to this problem? or idea for a workaround?




you can try to use quicktime to create a video. very easy to use.

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