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Oscilloscope V2 Version 2.9

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Because the original VST/AU plugin is not compatible with new Mac computers. The last supported version is macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Additionally, there are other annoying issues: the GUI is not resizable (problematic for 4K displays), matrix destination bugs (especially in the Filterbank Section), and more. If you want to know more about this, take a look at the Access Virus forum.

in the new version there is an dial to change the color too.
(at this time i was not able to implement the lightness dial to get working. if someone know a solution please contact me. thx)

at this time i was not able to find a solution to implement this feature, so i deactivated the window when loading the max patch.
you have to turn it on if needed.

the link to the sylenth1 preset bank list online now

please rate this patch :)

hey klimat,

for example: use a synth with 2 osc´s and set osc1 to the left audio chanel and osc2 to the right audio channel. change the phase of one of the osc´s to 90 degree

if you use a sinewave on each osc you will see a nice round circle

checkout some videos from Jerobeam Fenderson:

or checkout some of his max patches here on maxforlive:

hey skuzziport,
i will implement this idea an fix some of the bugs.

please rate this patch :)

hey, thx for this great share!

hello anivia,

the font color thing is fixed now.


finaly i got it work. i re installed ableton and max - problem solved.

thx you for your great patch!


... i am on mac 10.6.7, with ableton 8.2.2, latest launchpad driver.

thx for your help


yes , but no connection.


great to see, but is not working for me.

Squaron 1.1 always say:
not connected

Squaron is in front of a midi isntrument (for example sylenth1)
On launchpad User2 mode is aktive.
Launchpad setup in ableton settings are done.

thx for help,

thx very much