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Name | Version: eb.MidiHold 1.0
Author: dataf1ow
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This device functions as an indefinite midi sustain.
How it works:

When you engage the toggle any currently held notes will sustain until you turn off the toggle, or play the notes again. Any other notes played will play normally.

Just a quick JS patch for someone over on the Ableton forums.


Live Version Used: 9.1.3
Max Version Used: 6.1.8
Date Added: Aug 15 2014 15:58:19
Date Last Updated: Aug 15 2014 19:33:32
Downloads: 1674
License: Attribution
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Device File: eb.midiHold_Ver1.0.amxd


thanks for this device. I was hoping it would be momentary press, instead of on/off.
This device is great - i'm using it to get a sostenuto effeect on synths that don't support it!

The patch however doesn't pass pitchbend data through - I edited the patch to do that, but the pitch bend information was applied globally, to held notes etc, which is not how it would best work.

It seems that the midihold.js file will need to be edited to take pitchbend data.

Could the m4l patch possibly be updated to include this?
Is there a way to midi map this button? That seems to be needed.. or does it intercept normal sustain pedal?

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