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Name/Version: Prophet12 Editor 0.1
Author: st235  
Description: This is the first version of my prophet12 editor. at the moment all all CC#s are assigned, but I`m planning on making this the ultimate prophet editor :-)! bidirectional, with all parameters + additional step sequencers and an enhanced modulation matrix. but first i have to figure out how this NRPN thing is working in max. even now there are a few knobs (3 or 4) which aren`t functioning because they are only accessible via NRPN, but i included them for GUI design reasons. actually i`m pretty bad with GUI designing.

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Downloads: 421
Tags hardware, beta
Live Version Used: 9.1.2
Max Version Used: 6.1.7
Date Added: Jun 12 2014 04:17:49
Date Last Updated: Jun 12 2014 04:27:03
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: Prophet editor b0.1.amxd


just found out that i have the wrong range set for the lpf cutoff! anyway, i will upload an updated version tomorrow! `til then it`s more than simple to change that

the nrpn is 4 Controllers at the same time.. of memory is 99 98 38 6 but downoload my editor for mopho :

i use the nrpn message with this. i think for the prophet is the same system

thx dric! if igured it out already! i knew that they are just for CC#s but i didn`t know the best way to do it in max! anyway, i`m making good process and i think i can finish the patch next week

@st235 Fantastic work! Thanks for putting this together! Is there a way to control the layers individually?

Any chance you have one for the Prophet 08?

Hi, your device still works great, thanks!
I am trying to understand what you have done, so that I can maybe add a couple of things and so I stumbled over the fact that your NRPN mapping doesn't correspond with the p12 manual (but works). For example LPF cutoff according to the manual is 90 for Layer A and 602 for Layer B, while you send 102. How can that be?

Nevermind: I just saw that 102 is the CC for LPF cutoff. But why does the P12 react correctly to CC, when mine is set to NRPN??
Did your plan to switch to NRPN in the device go anywhere?
Thanks again! :-)

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