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Name | Version: AUTOMAT - recall settings by clipnames 1.3
Author: bennniii
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: automat lets you recall any device settings in your live-set by naming your clip according to its presets.
this can be very much simpler than using envelopes and is often ideal when e.g. switching to a next "part" of a song.

1) map parameters (up to 12)
2) adjust your 12 parameters (on up to 12 presets)
3) recall these presets via clipname (e.g. "1 anyname") and/or map them to your controller

- when first mapped, automat uses your current parameter/pot values.
- works on all mappable parameters throughout your live-set
- values can now be freely copied and pasted
- works! even if you rearrange tracks, devices, etc

check the quick video (of an older version). it's simple & fun! (:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
- you can now copy & paste anywhere
- added more presets and 2 banks of parameters (press little arrow)
- tricked the live api a little and it's faster now. yes!
- added mappability to presets

- fixed automat not saving settings on first layer


Live Version Used: 9.1.2
Max Version Used: 6.1.7
Date Added: Jun 02 2014 18:41:11
Date Last Updated: Jun 17 2014 12:26:27
Downloads: 4804
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: automat v1.3.amxd


Absolutely brilliant! Great work, benni
thanks a ton, mossby! :)
This could really be helpful. Thanks.
Featured on! YAH BOI!
Featured on! YAH BOI!
i saw! rad!

any wishes for a new version, anyone?
would love a full 8 parameters to map macros :)
if not more!
Thanks for an awesome device!!!!!
've begun working on that :)
will be placing more macros on different "layers" so the interface stays tidy.
Please include a 'paste' command because one does not wish always to paste to the next number over.

I would not mind to have a wide device with 16 x 8 parameters.

hei folks.
i've filled your wishlist and added a little more besides that.
- copy paste from anywhere to anywhere,
- 12 parameters for 12 macros (press little arrow)
- speed-enhancement
- made 12 presets mappable to controllers (now you can really do fun stuff!)

tell me if there's more.
I'm noticing that when my trigger clips stop playing preset 5 is triggered (always preset 5, even on different instances in different tracks). Is this a bug?
Great work!

I was wondering if there is an alternative approach to the "live.remote" object for mapping parameters.
As "live.remote" mapping mechanism locks the parameter (grey out in live), it could not be controlled any longer by other controller devices.
I imagine "live.remote" as a way to control, at audio rate, the value of a device parameter.

On the other hand "" runs at Max data rate (less than audio rate, so less resource I guess) and could observe and set value of a device parameter.
I thought that would be enough to store (observe) and recall (set value) a list of devices parameters value.

I may have miss something along the way as "live.remote" seems most commonly used.
I am looking to a similar solution as Kapture, with a possibility to store devices parameters value within a clip (same way as you did).

Is it possible to use multiple instances of this device in a set at one time?
Hi Bennniii - thank you so much for the fantastic device! Coming back to leave another comment and saw that I already commented once. Anyway, I was curious if there was an audio device version of this? It's amazing!

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