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Name | Version: BlitterSynth 1.0
Author: trash80
Device Type: Instrument
Description: BlitterSynth is a wave-shape buffer synthesizer, select a base shape and apply transition effects or draw your own. Inspired by my original Oki-computer & Digitek Reaktor ensembles only taken a step further. Create sounds like whats found in some chip music ie LSDJ's wave synth, to down-sampled sounding bass synths, to bizarre modulated textures. Video of a pre-release version (looks a little different now) and a video of using both BlitterSynth & Betawave together


Live Version Used: 9.1
Max Version Used: 6.1.4
Date Added: Dec 10 2013 13:29:38
Date Last Updated: Dec 22 2013 20:05:17
Downloads: 4
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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all the links with github failed.
you can download it but can't be open.
(mac Os 10.6 / live 9 suite)

share or not to share ?
Use the zip file.
these two are just awesome. Thanks for the share, Trash80!
Wow, you made Oki Computer, very pleased to hear as a fan of that ensemble, I love it since I know it.

Now I'm eager to get my hands on these two, which are looking very promising and fun from the nice videos you provided...

Thanks for sharing these ;)
Double post over here since you complained twice:

If you just want to download a specific file, click on the device and download RAW. You cannot right-click save with github.

I just installed github on my computer and used it to sync with the whole repro on the fly to a folder in my user library presets.
Wow, these are very good!
Excellent work!!

Thanks for sharing!
Yeah i can't get this to work for some reason i load it into a drum rack and it don't make sound please help! your other plugin does not work for me either so.. help help!
If it's actually loading and you can see the interface, update to the latest Live & Max for Live. If you cannot see an interface, read the comments above, and download the zip.
This is fantastic, thanks Trash80

-kidko @ em411
Wow ! I haven't came across such an incredible synth since... Oki Computer ! I always had somewhere in my head the wish to replicate it in M4L some day... But thanks to you it's now done, and how great it is !
Mind blowing, you've just stopped me from going to sleep.
Amazing piece of software, I'm astonished.
IMHO there's no good synth done in M4L except for Granulator, Phase Distortion Synth, and your BlitterSynth.
I love it.
Thanks a lot for sharing this.
BTW, modulating the Size parameter from the matrix fills up Live undo history. I didn't look inside the device yet so I can't help more for the moment.
I just started working with this synth and I love it - I managed to reverse engineer the sound of the synth used during the interstitial music for the show In Search Of.....

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