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Name | Version: Frexture 1.0
Author: zya
Device Type: Instrument
Description: frxtr is a spectral sampler for max4live.

Using FFT it lets you select spectrum partials from the loaded sample and play.

The default mode lets you choose up to six partials using 6 sliders each corresponding to a partial and one frequency selector representing the sliders.

Or you can change it draw mode which lets you have unlimited partials or the ability to select wider bands from the frequency spectrum.

frxtr is great for creating ambient/drone sounds quickly, but keep in mind that this is the first version and there might be some bugs. Please let me know if you came-across and i would like to hear your feedback about the patch.




Live Version Used: 9.0.4
Max Version Used: 6.1.2
Date Added: Aug 14 2013 17:54:51
Date Last Updated: Nov 12 2013 08:34:46
Downloads: 4

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License: Attribution
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here is the correct link
i fixed the link on the website. there was a problem with the url shortening. should work now.
Very cool device, really. I love it. Check you mail! (at

What a great device!

Very good ! Thanks.
hi, looks interesting.
downloaded it and applied it to a channel in ableton. tried to apply an audio wav and it didnt do anything/accept it. tried a few others aswell and nothing happend. appreciations
It's great but it's buggy. If i save it inside of clip, next time when i drop a clip in some other project there is no sound coming from it and wave selector is not recalled correctly. Not even partials.

But amazing little device. Really interesting

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