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About IcaroFerre: Hi everybody!

I'm Icaro Ferre and I'm an electronic music producer and sound designer from São Paulo, Brazil.

My company is called Spektro Audio ( and, besides working with sound design and music production, I also make sample packs, MaxforLive Devices and Reaktor ensembles.
Most of my devices are free however I do offer paid devices. The paid devices help me keep maintaing current devices and creating new ones.

Feel free to get in touch with me!
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Devices by IcaroFerre

Spektro Komplex Version 1.1
Spektro String Version 1.3
Rotating Clock Divider - Icaro Ferre Mod Version 1.03
Spektro Twi1st--wr4ngl3r Version 1.01
Spektro QuickProg Version 1.03
Slim Phatty Ext-In Mode Version 1.0
Spektro CV Devices Version 1.0
Spektro DRG Version 1.0
Rocket Pilot Version 1.0.1
Spektro GrainFlux Version 3.0
Spektro PS-8 Version 1.1
Distribute by Spektro Audio Version 1.0
Spektro Nucleation MK2 Version 1.2
CVpal Controller Version 1.0
CV Toolkit Mini Version 1.0
Fragments by Spektro Audio Version 1.2
Polyform Version 1.1
ACDGEN Version 2.1

Total Downloads: 16,925

Comments by IcaroFerre


@maxdfb Thanks!

Yeah I don't really understand why people don't add a SendAll button to their own editors. It's one of the reasons why I decided to make my own.

So, I added 2 way communication. I didn't add it in the 1.0 version because I was afraid it'd cause a MIDI feedback loop however I found a way to make it work (at least I think so).
Local Control should work 100% now as well.

As in regards to the color of the objects., I don't really fully understand why that happens. Sometimes, even if I manually set all the colors of an object, Max will still change them to match the theme. I'll try to do some research but I guess I'll tackle this problem later.



Hey dude, that's ok :)

Great device dude! It's very simple but very useful.

Love you drum machines! I'm already a big fan of the Redbox and I've just played with this one and it sounds cool!

The delay + filter really adds a lot of sonic possibilities!

This is great!

Thanks latereflections!

kevinkripper is correct however I've just fixed it to make it easy for you guys :)
I've also changed a couple of details so automation works better.

Hey dude! Great to see that my mod motivated you to keep this device alive!

This is a great device and I think people should try the original one and my modded version. Both have different characteristics.

What a great device!


Oh wow, thanks a lot whiteboxsynthmakers!
I'm a big fan of your devices as well! Thanks for the kind words!

I'm still an novice in the MaxforLive world but comments like yours make me wanna keep learning and trying.