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Name | Version: ShortFilterDelays 1.1
Author: lilTrybe
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: It creates 5 delays, 0-200 ms delaytime, individual filters, individual panning and volume. shift all the delaytimes of 10 ms to get the right timing. Randomize every parameter to save time. Works very well on clap sounds.

When I'm creating new drum sounds, I allways create a rack with this effect. It takes a lot of time, so I made this m4l device.

I'm planning to add a feedback to all the delays.
Tell me, what I should add and I will do my best.

1.1: It's now possible to save all parameters.


Live Version Used: 9.0.4
Max Version Used: 6.1.0
Date Added: Jun 24 2013 15:54:25
Date Last Updated: Jul 02 2013 14:46:21
Downloads: 1368
License: Attribution
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Device File: ShortFilterDelays.amxd


Hallo Cool dich hier zu sehen.
Lg Cello
Hi, war ja klar, dass man dich hier finden kann ;)
lg lilTrybe
"Right now it's not possible to save the parameters"

-which makes it pretty much completely useless. Other than that it's a decent idea.
I'll change this, I don't need to save them, because I render the audio from it and I made this device for myself. Thanks.
I will upload a next version in near future.
It's now possible to save all parameters.
didn't mean to be such a dick. thanks for the update :)
No problem, I uploaded another patch today, maybe you will like it, too.

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