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ShortFilterDelays Version 1.1
Pumper Version 1.0
BouncingBallGame Version 1.0
PitchBendAutomation Version 1.0
JoelInstantFeedback Version 1.0
Chords Version 2.11

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That's true, that would be great, I just don't know if it's possible. I'm using a function object, wich has a parameter mode. It only let's you save the curve with your live set. I have an idea to solve this, maybe it will work, I'll post an update sometime.

No problem, I uploaded another patch today, maybe you will like it, too.

It's now possible to save all parameters.

I'll change this, I don't need to save them, because I render the audio from it and I made this device for myself. Thanks.
I will upload a next version in near future.

Hi, war ja klar, dass man dich hier finden kann ;)
lg lilTrybe