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Name | Version: Isotonik Clip Loop Monitor 1.0
Author: IsotonikStudios
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: So it started with this sites founder, Synnack posting....

Then Kevin Kripper upgraded things with this....

Then we added the ability to follow the clip launch rectangle of the APC40 so that the floating display shows the clips that you currently have in focus of the redbox on the screen...

And then Gamma Devices added a simple cycle number feature so you can tell when a loop has been playing for a while....

So we then added the cycle numbers to the floating window and had them reset automatically when a new clip is launched or stopped...

Digging into it further it also now has the code to enable it to be used with Novations Launchpad as well...

Join in, where can we take this one?


Live Version Used: 9.0.4
Max Version Used: 6.1.2
Date Added: May 21 2013 13:48:47
Date Last Updated: Jun 07 2013 07:22:59
Downloads: 1321
License: None
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Device File: Isotonik Clip Loop Monitor 1.0.3.amxd


Great job!
Maybe add the option to choose "show last triggered scene"?
And/Or "show first scene of the clip launch rectangle"?
Can be done, the floating window work by Synnack and Kevin is pretty slick though, it may become a little too cluttered....?
Cool. I need to figure out a way to associate mods on the site. So like you can "fork" an existing device and mod it but be able to pull a list of all mods of a given device. More like Github collaboration. I've always wanted to see this kind of thing.
Cool to see collaboration like this!
Another greater idea would be simply to have the option to show everything in the clip launch rectangle, with a display ala griid?
Do you mean like a floating window version of the Session View? You probably want to look at Eric or Kevins Mixer devices...

And yeah would be awesome to be able to branch out in spurs from a device, that would be awesome, theres so much talent contributing to this site!

Wow, thanks for telling me about Kevins ultimate mixer!
Can I join?
What about counting the play cycles? I mean, how many times was a clip played.

Will take a look.
Sounds like a plan! Make it happen!!

Still have to improve :D
Does this only work with clips that are looping?? I can't seem to get them to accurately track the clip's place in time
It may work with any clip. I've just tested it with a no-loop clip and it works flawlessly not only Isotonik version but also mine.
I love this mod of Clip Loop Monitor but the counter displaying how many times a clip had been played doesn't reset to 0 when I hit the stop button? Is this the normal behavior ?
I actually does reset to 0 only if I hit the stop all clips button before the global stop button.
Would it be complicated to update this lovely m4l device ? I'd love to do it by myself but so far I just don't know what to change/add to the existing patch.

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