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That is awesome!

Try to use cycle~ with single cycle waveform samples from the original (just 1 wave, in cycled loop).
Sounds good, and it is still synthesis :D

Yapp, there is no sustain and release in the original. Just a very short, cca. 10 ms atack (which is fix), and the Decay. Which controls the filter at the first place.

Why dont people use single cycle waveform samples from the original hardware?
Its much more realistic. The 303 is good cause its actually bad:)

There is an "IN" object in the LR patch inside the deivce.
Remove it, connect and it will work.
Nice stuff anyway!

Not working, will take a look what is the problem...

Still have to improve :D

Can I join?
What about counting the play cycles? I mean, how many times was a clip played.

Will take a look.