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Name | Version: Synplant Genes 1.0
Author: xanadu
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Synplant has no automation for it's genes. This device comes to help. It can manipulate the genes of Synplant. It uses mouse movements to accomplish this. All genes can be automated through the MaxForLive Instrument.

The downside is that it's slow. On every move it first sets a gene to zero and then to the desired value.

Frederik Lidstrom of SonicCharge promised to solve this on February 20 2012. Magnus Lidstrom agreed with this on july 20 2012, saying it would take quite a while...


Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Jan 20 2013 15:40:49
Date Last Updated: Jan 20 2013 15:44:10
Downloads: 3640
License: None
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it is a hacky thing. i once tryed a similar approach to control Live's Sampler startpoint dial remotely(which is not midimapable). i like the synplant vst very much since years and it's a shame it is not fully automatable. do you know the hack to make "randomize seed" and "clone the selected branch" also midi-assignable? if not contact me, i'll send it to you. contactolsen at gmail.. seem that we also share the love for the launchpad, do you patch on mac or win?
Hi Olson,

This device certainly is a hack. I made it as a proof of concept. I don't think it has much practical use.

I'm programming a 'SynClone FM' device now in MSP. I'm learning a lot on DSP programming from this.

I'll write an email for "randomize seed" and "clone the selected branch".


Does want to open in Ableton 9.1.4
Sorry, It only takes too many time to open.
Doesnt work, It only openes the MAX device
But I cant connect it to synplant.
I not understand how your device works
I did as written on it "please copy Synplantvst.dll with the patches and docs into a subfolder called" Synplant "where .AMXD this file is located"
but nothing happens
I'm on osx I Synplantvst.dll copy and patch file in the file "Synplant"
may be that I have to find another hidden file
Didn't even try it yet and already love it.
Have this synth since long time.
Still unique in it's sound.
And used a lot in my sets through the years.
I thank you ladies and gents for creating this
Hello! I really want to use ur device bc it is the only one that allows for this, but I can't fid the file you mention in the device! I already gave all the permissions. can you help?
Thank you!
I use Mac so I think that's it

is there a way I can make this work?

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