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Name | Version: Conway Audio reactive Game of life 0.1
Author: Sad1ks
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Game of life,
You can use expression control, envelope follower and other modulator to modulate parameters to follow music.
This is a beta version.
Look at the video for an example :

Care : GPU Heavy
It is easier to work with frozen/bounced track, even more if you want to record anything.

Was inspired by this video to code the Conway algo :


Live Version Used: 12.0.2
Max Version Used: 8.6
Date Added: May 23 2024 17:16:41
Date Last Updated: May 24 2024 13:37:35
Downloads: 179
License: Attribution
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Device File: Conway_Live.amxd


Wow, to anyone looking to experiment with this, BEWARE:

It wasn't malicious, but this is the first time I've had an M4L device totally hijack all of my GPU resources and lock down Ableton entirely. The GUI window in the foreground refused to go away, and I couldn't click behind into anything else within Ableton. Despite the Ableton not technically hitting the "Not Responding" state, I had to force close it in Task Manager because my fan was ramping up to almost 100% and things were getting HOT.

There are NO safeties on this device. Tinker at your own peril.

Also, this is mostly just a visualization wrapped in an endless and constantly restarting Game of Life. I was hoping this was more of a unique way to interact with the OG Game of Life, but it really really isn't.
Hello, thank you for your answer,`

I'm sorry to hear that, I should have written that I'm pretty bad with, if you have any advice I would be very glad to hear it.
My gpu is in great shape so I didn't notice it was that demanding.

As you said, for the moment, it is only generated Game of life that can be processed.
I'm currently looking to adapt the rules of the game in a more interesting way, but I want to have a basis before.

Thx again, and sorry.
@sad1ks - no need to be sorry whatsoever. Every device uploaded to this site is "use at your own risk" - I thought that was obvious to anyone whose eardrums have been taken for a ride more than once.

You provided an innovative, unique device, free of charge to the community and it's pretty sweet IMO. Keep developing it - perhaps the colors of the blocks could be used as the basis for a mod source that could control other devices - just one thought on where this could go. Nice work!
@FreddyFingaz - Thank you, I appreciate ! Haha yes I must admit I never trust anything, even more when I work on sound ;)

I agree that it could be interesting to use the data as a mod source and that could lead to feedback between audio/video which is always pretty fun, I will think about that !

I also though about "printing" the sound in the game to as a generator of pixels.

Have a nice day !

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