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Name/Version: Clip2Rack 1.0
Author: 10Guitars  
Description: Fire a Midi clip, what ever program number is in that clip will select the associated chain in the tracks Instrument Rack.

The way this works is simply by getting Macro 1 in the instrument rack to react to the associated program number in the current playing clip in the track,,,

This is handy for when you have written loads of tunes but want to play them all in one live set with out having to create load of tracks to compensate for the many differnt devices you may use for variouse clips.

For example, have all your drum clips on one track and put all the variouse samplers, drum racks, impulses, Eq's, Compressors etc associated with that clip into an instrument rack, assign the clips program number parameter in assending order (starting from 1) and then assign the racks "chain selector" (little orange thing) to the racks Macro 1. As you fire off the clips the tracks chain selector will move to the chain associated in the clips program number. (providing you have selected the appropriate region ((blue bar underneath the orange line thing)))

Of course loads of racks with loads of VST's/devices is going to take up CPU so,,,,,,

Assign the first instruments (in the chain) "Device On" also to Macro 1, open up Map Mode and set the "Device On" min and max values -1 to the program number parameter in the clip,,, .e.i

Chain Selector - "808 Kit" - 0 0
Chain Selector - "909 Kit" - 1 1
Chain Selector - "Third Kit associated with clip 3 PRG CHG 3 - 2 2

and so on...

Can be used with Bass, Lead, Pads, anything you want!

All devices after the first one in the chain will be disabled if the first one is disabled.

Hope all this makes sense and that the bloody thing works like it should! Let me know if it dont!

Enjoy all and thanks to everybody else on this site and others for sharing there devices and getting us all one step closer to where we want to be with music Production and Live performances. x x x

10 Guitars

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Downloads: 618
Tags drum, utility, dj
Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Nov 08 2011 17:18:40
Date Last Updated: Nov 09 2011 18:40:46
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Device File: Clip2Rack.amxd


oh, good idea!
thanks for sharing.

always used "TrackStates" for that, but this looks really promising!

OK, just incase some of you are struggling to get this to work please see refreashe description which now includes one very important factor in order to get this to work... soz about that,,!

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