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Name | Version: Dont stop me now by Iftah 1.01
Author: iftah
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: 1.01 update, added record mode - toggling the "+Arm" button will force live to continue to record.

"Dont stop me now" disables live´s stop button by brutally forcing live to continue to play whenever the stop button is pressed - useful for preventing mishaps in drunken live shows etc.


Live Version Used: 11.3.2
Max Version Used: 8.5
Date Added: Jun 01 2023 11:33:22
Date Last Updated: Jun 04 2023 22:30:39
Downloads: 302
License: None
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Device File: Dont stop me now by Iftah 1.01.amxd


your brain rules man ,great and fun jejejej solution
Thanks i will send to many friend jajaaja
Had to create a Max account to show some love, thanks very much !!

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