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Name/Version: Reactive 1.0
Author: Kern  
Description: A generative ambient device that can be triggered by audio.
The incoming audio is also processed by the delay so you can add a layer with voice or anything.
There are 3 (4 with the external one) sound sources, the first plays chords, the 2nd one is a detuned high pitched saw and the 3rd one a simple sinewave.
You can set the envelope of each of these.
A random fm modulator is also playing and can be turned on/off.

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Downloads: 414
Tags synth
Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8.2.1.
Date Added: May 04 2023 11:25:52
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: reactive .amxd


Let me start with, this is pretty awesome. Could end up being one of my favorite sound design toys. I have one minor issue. The gray on bright white letters is impossible to see. I can't make out any of the data. A different color scheme would be greatly appreciated as that data is important to me. I have my face right against screen can't make out any of it. I've noticed the white on white thing is a bit of trend over the past days. It's not very functionally practical. Love this plugin though. Great idea. Let me know if you fix that color issue. Thanks

One other little thing. If you could get it so the window that OPEN creates, would stay on top of ableton until manually closed, it would help out greatly. Otherwise, it disappears behind the daw, if you do anything in Live. These 2 factors will greatly improve this awesome Max device.

Well this is a definite winner! As irishmos mentioned, the font is invisible, except when you flip to one of the very bright/white Live Themes (which I like the look of but they hurt my eyes in no time so I end up having to stick with darker themes).

Irish- if you just want to see what everything says, flip to a white theme temporarily in the meantime.

Fantastic device, with or without invisible ink! lol

Thank for sharing it w/ us! I've been using on a send track and randomly modding the trigger with some great results so far.

@irishmoss @freddyfingaz right there with you guys on the font. But i did a super quick and easy fix, by just opening the device, click on the white square background, and change the color to a light blue. Its very easy, little to no knowledge of max needed.

To Kern, thanks for the fun and free device. very cool

That's not an option on Mac. I tried. Or do you mean open it in max and modify it. Which I have no knowledge of. Yet..

@irishmos yah! thats it. its very simple. ableton just launced a tutorial series ALP pack , to help you get started. If OP doesnt want to change the color, or doesnt have time etc, i can also upload here. just dont want to take away from OP's creation.

Thanks. I dig. I think that pack is just for Live 11

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