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Name | Version: CS Step Seq Mod 2.0
Author: buba
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: The main idea for this device - is to edit currently selected clip on launchpad.

To use this device you will need launcpad (no APC 40 support anymore).
1. Drop CS Step Seq on main.
3. Press user2 button on launchpad
2. From now any selected midi clip will be availible for editing on your control surface.

1. Page buttons on launchpad to scroll left/right in clip. Scroll amount set with "Clip Scroll"
2. Leran/view buttons on launchpad to scroll Up/Down in clip. Scroll amount set with "Pitch Scroll"
3. Press arm button on launchpad to update control surface with currently playing position
3. Right buttons on launchpad for velocity.
5. Bottom buttons on launchpad for duration/grid size. When Arm is light on you cant use bottom row. But when Arm is light off bottom row become like right buttons but for durations.
6. You can use any note for any row.
7. If you disable device it will no longer react to user2 button. This allows you to use more then one launchpad device.

You can change velocity and duration for any note by pressing on it and choose velocity with right buttons and duration with bottom buttons. If you dont choose velocity or duration, note will be added with default velocity and duration (wich you can change with right and bottom buttons)

Updated 04.11.2001 to version 2.0. Bunch of new features, i was test this about one month all work stable. I think that device become more and more complex but i dont wont to write description if no one need it except me. So if you like it or you need it write here


Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Sep 25 2011 14:52:30
Date Last Updated: Nov 04 2011 13:50:56
Downloads: 1332
License: None
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Device File: CS Step Seq.amxd


This is just super great!
Congratulations, simple, efficient and stable!

What i'm missing right now, so here my suggestions (only for launchpad):

- use right launchpad's button 1 to 5 (vol, pan, sndA, sndB, Stop) as velocity zone: 5 velocity fast access (divide 127 by 5 ), press one of these 5 and click on the grid to affect this velocity to the note edited. No press : assign the general velocity set with the normal velocity parameter.

-use button solo on the right side as a shift navigation button: press this button and one of the 4 arrow/nav buttons of the launch pad allows you to navigate by block of 8 instead of 1by 1.

- maybe you could use colors for velocity or pitch....

Thank you very much for feedback. Already done:
1. Right buttons for velocity (press note and when pressed change velocity). Just press and set general velocity.
2. Scroll behaviour (notes updates continiously every beat. just try)
3. Colors for velocity

Just fix some bugs and will update in 1 or two days. Good idea to use solo button for navigate of 8 beats! And good idea to discuss about which color to wich velocity. Because Launchpad have only 3 distingushed light
Awesome! :)
Updated. You can change velocity for any added note (psess note and set velocity), and you have main velocity for new notes. Velocity diff by color (6 colors). Only for launchpad - i havent APC 40
yeah, awesome, going to test it now! thx :)
updated/ added button 8x step (can be mapped to midi or key) - instead of step for 1 beat/semitone, step will be 8 beats/semitones. on by deafult
last updated on today ) added +/- for step - you can midi or key map this buttons for quck change step size
yeah! Nice sunday :)
works good, but when you go into midi clip and tweak some stuffs it often crashs...

Am I the only one?
cool device...could you perhaps do a little video tutorial on usage...?
to lek: this is behaviour of max4live. If you monitor changes in clip - you cant normaly edit it. Maybe this will be fixed in next
max releases/ But now i'am switch yo user1 mode for clip edit.

to uxeexu: i dont made any tutorial video before. so maybe this will be my first one ;)
hey thanks for the tip!
of course we like it! Can't wait to test it out :)
sound good )))
a lot of progress since version 1! Stability increased, thanks mate!
suggestion: add color to button left and right of launchpad, same color for both , color change depending the page...can be useful to know where you are in the clip ...
i'am just think how to show current clip position on launchpad. this is. So good idea to use colors.

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