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Name/Version: Note to Remote 1.0
Author: langsound  
Description: This MIDI device takes MIDI notes and drives a remote parameter with the velocity (or on/off) state of the note. Rather than toggle a parameter on/off, this device lets note turn a device on while pressed and off when released (or vice versa)
The attack and release controls allow you to smooth the on/off envelope to avoid clicks.
The velocity button lets you use the key press velocity to scale the envelope. When velocity is turned off the envelope plays full scale.
The flip buttons lets you invert the key state, such that the key not pressed well output the envelop maximum and the key pressed will output the output minimum (scaled by the velocity). In flip mode, you can use this to duck the volume of a track for example.
All other MIDI data passes through this device, so you can have several on one track or in a drum rack.

Posting v 1.0 here for free. If you want to support further device development and tools, please check out the linked version.

fx automation via notes demo:

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Downloads: 301
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.2.7
Max Version Used: 8.3.1
Date Added: Jan 16 2023 22:25:17
Date Last Updated: Jan 17 2023 05:01:08
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike

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Device File: note-to-remote.amxd


Hi just wondering if any of you has the same issue, but if I put this device in session other max4live dev. stop working, in fact theese also stop displaying propperly...
I really like this device, it helps me a lot, but it only works, for a while and then does the above...

i havent had issues - is it because your note/range isnt correctly selected?
That's the only thing that bugs me is that i have to manually set the note to match the incoming one. It should be a learn function or just a range. Unless it is and i am using it wrong

I would be amazing if you can add aftertouch to this device!

Using this device recently. LIKE IT.
Map it to momentary Mute Volumes.
Cut like a DJ

@hatyn i hear you. added learn function in v1.3

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