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Using this device recently. LIKE IT.
Map it to momentary Mute Volumes.
Cut like a DJ

(If sometimes you have bugs with mapped parameter, just unmap and remap the parameter, it can resolve the problem!)
This didn't fix problem.

When a parameter is mapped it seems to be changing value by itself. Glitching between various values....?

Finally, thank you for doing a 4x4 grid. Gonna try it out with my Midi Fighter Twister. Wish you could map from the grid.

Love this so much. Grouped it & mapped the macros to change chords in real time for a really expressive and impressive generator. Nordman, I salute you.

How do I change the colours?

Hey Friend,
"Apart from the Bank select tracking and the rotary control decoding, the MIDImftLABELSfloat plug-in doesn't do anything"
I'm finding this to be true. H

I couldn't get it working. Like every other M4L device for MF Twister. Oh well.....
Update, My mistake, I was being thick. I can now get it to work after an email for the man himself, JacqduMontagne or schlapbe, explained how to.

I couldn't get it working. Like every other M4L device for MF Twister. Oh well.....

Cool, anything MFT related is fine by me. There needs to be more resources for Twister. Only a few devices on here and half of them done work.

BIG fan of your work. Using B.I.P. all the mutha fookin time. And it's improving my productivity because I'm bouncing tracks to audio meaning I break the constant tweaking circle and move forward. Everyone's a winner.