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Name/Version: Swirl In Seabed 1.0
Author: raypoonberlin  
Description: A generative music audio effect inspired by delays/feedback/synth. As it’s name “Swirl to Seabed” , sonic experience could be imagined from continuously random controlled tones generation in loop and its drony feedback.

This patch is a collaboration by me, Harry and Gabriel

Please refer to the link for the basic demonstration or further information as follows

played with Guitar

played with Trumpet

played iwith bass and drum loop from modular synths

Here is the samples for testing this

SWIRL TO SEABED is designed as a jamming and play along machine coping with the sprite of generative music and feedback adoption. Most of the common parameters of a synthesiser are absent in it, because the primary idea of its birth is how a musician plays instruments or voice at the lowest controlling a synthesiser. If this is disappointing you, you could try the other patch - the OCEANS which will be uploaded later in which all the controls will be shown in the presentation page.

Start this machine by choosing any preset slot in order to activate the sound.

At the top of the presentation page, a mixer with volume fader, SWIRL button, TO SEABED button and its corresponding fader and buttons (please refer to the paragraph about it) are located. Under the master volume fader, when the TO SEABED mode IS NOT activated, all those buttons respond as a muting button (Blue is Muted on) and they will be reset once the TO SEABED mode is engaged.

Select the Audio In button or leave it off to engage the sampler. We suggest that you drag a sample (At the beginning we suggest to use the samples attached in the links at the bottom of this page) to experience how it interacts with the two delay heads. By selecting a very short segment, say a note with its following rest, pitch shifting delays and variable timing delays would present you with the idea of the design correspondingly. Then, try your own voice or your instrument into it to experience the ambience generated by those pitchy and moving delays.

Both the delay heads are built without showing a time knob in the presentation view, because the time is determined by the hidden random machines and LFOs which are synced by the tempo. The user could focus on playing audio or sample by ignoring the delay time.

In delays 2, the ENV fader is designed for real time playing during a jam or recording and it sets the time to finish each pitch shifting in terms of ms.

OSC 1 is a sequencer which is programmed to have a linear reflection in its pitch. At the same time, this is designed to be influenced by both the pitch source from the audio/sampler and frequency knob through being swapped randomly. Phase Modulation and Frequency Modulation could be performed through playing the PM and FM knobs and those parameters causing the modulations are also set randomly and set hidden in the patching mode.

OSC 2 is a chordal melody maker in which the harmonies generated are programmed to deliver chord tones derived from standard changes or modal interchanges by following the master tempo or its own tempo. Three speeds of which could be further decided - Standard, fast and swing, while the Jump section engages octave changes with the presence of the probability setting. Drone and melodic faders determine when the oscillator follows the audio/sampler (set the “Influenced by Audio”) by giving a drone sound, following its own key default in C major or by the key chosen through the key knob . The melodies generated are nothing more than tones constituting a 9th chord but the interval could be changed randomly by pressing the New Interval Order.

Here is the samples for testing this

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Tags synth, sampler, effect
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jan 04 2023 11:01:15
Date Last Updated: Jan 04 2023 21:52:41
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Device File: SWIRL TO SEABED(M4L version).amxd


This is cool. Couple of bugs with GUI, device size in Ableton and the sampler but I like it.

Thank so much for trying it, we are quite beginner from months ago while this is the first patch we finished and release here. I will try to fix those bugs. So, would you mind suggesting us how the problem of device size and sampler works not well? I really appreciate for your opinion.

this is a lot of fun! The UI could use some touch ups but the sounds are great! Plus, it's new and unique and free! Thanks for sharing it!!

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