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Name/Version: DeltaSleep - EEG-powered MIDI devices 1.0
Author: igotlost  
Description: %% demo at:

I'm happy to share with you my last two M4L devices. I've called them 'DeltaSleep’, as they import real human EEG data recorded during sleep into Ableton Live's environment, where are used to make music. These two devices are part of my attempt to exploit the peculiarities of organic non-music signals to inform music routines and phenomena.

This package is constituted of two devices:
- the 'Modulator' is an effect that lets you map the ongoing EEG signal to parameters in Live, similar to Live's stock LFO, but with a different source;
- the 'Generator' is a MIDI instrument that incorporates the same parameter mapping behavior of the 'Modulator' and integrates the possibility to generate specified MIDI notes according to the current state of the EEG signal and a movable threshold.

As an interesting feature of the two devices, it is possible to loop over a portion of the EEG signal by pressing a tap button (L). While looping, surprising organic melodies and patterns emerge when hitting the 'Quantize' (Q) button, which aligns the MIDI note output to the current Live tempo.

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Live Version Used: 10.1.18
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Date Added: Nov 14 2022 12:56:54
Date Last Updated: Mar 06 2024 12:49:10
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Very good device. But the looper dosent work. I am on Windows

Hey, thank you for posting this. The looper function requires Live transport to be on (i.e. Ableton is in 'play' mode). Are you reporting this issue even after this comment?

It works. Sorry.


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