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Name | Version: MALAX - Modulation Blender 1.1
Author: MrPreskovik
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Ableton Live provides a very rich modulation framework. But one of its limits is that it’s not possible to modulate a specific target parameter with several modulation sources at the same time. You can have several modulators in series that modulate one after the other to control a target value. But it is not possible to modulate a target value by several parallel modulation sources that would affect concurrently the destination parameters.

MALAX is here to partially address this problem. What this module does is to aggregate several sources of modulation with different methods (Addition, difference, multiplication, mean, maximum, minimum) and allows to assign the gathered result to the parameter of your choice.

v1.1 – Feb. 18 2023
- Add the possibility to disable the visual graphic rendering of the signal in case of performance issues.

v1.0 – Jul. 22 2022
- Initial stable release


Live Version Used:
Max Version Used: 7.3
Date Added: Jul 22 2022 12:07:25
Date Last Updated: Feb 18 2023 21:49:51
Downloads: 815
License: None
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Device File: Malax 1.1.amxd


just a heads up that this device will max out your GPU for some weird reason. Using a M1 MBP with Live 11.
Thanks for notice it Psynical. For the U.I. part, the device uses Jitter objects that rely on the computer’s GPU, indeed. It’s strange though that you face such overload from the device: the graph part is borrowed from Ableton’s LFO device, and on my 10-year-old computer, it works like a charm. Are you using Live natively or in Rosetta mode?

In a while, I’m supposed to work on a new silicon based Macbook, and I will be able to investigate the issue. While waiting, you can disable yourself the U.I. part in the Max patch, if you’re a tinkerer. Otherwise, I will release a version with an option to disable this graph part in a week or two
A new version of the device has been released to address the issue faced by Psynical. Thanks to him to report it.
Umm.. I'm not getting any wiggle. Only if I turn a knob. But no oscillation.
Live 11.3.2 Win 10

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