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About MrPreskovik: Musician in my spare time, I love to produce remixes/reworks of existing tunes.
Don't hesitate to ask if this is what you're looking for.
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Devices by MrPreskovik

Polynom PSK Version 1.0
PYTHAGORAS - Polyrhytmic Sequencer Version 2.0
Ostrogauss Version 1.2
EUCLIDIATOR - Euclidean Arpeggiator Version 1.0.3
PROXEMICS - Pattern Generator Version 1.0
MALAX - Modulation Blender Version 1.1

Total Downloads: 16,272

Comments by MrPreskovik


Excellent idea koochey! I've updated the device accordingly.

A new version of the device has been released to address the issue faced by Psynical. Thanks to him to report it.

Thanks for notice it Psynical. For the U.I. part, the device uses Jitter objects that rely on the computer’s GPU, indeed. It’s strange though that you face such overload from the device: the graph part is borrowed from Ableton’s LFO device, and on my 10-year-old computer, it works like a charm. Are you using Live natively or in Rosetta mode?

In a while, I’m supposed to work on a new silicon based Macbook, and I will be able to investigate the issue. While waiting, you can disable yourself the U.I. part in the Max patch, if you’re a tinkerer. Otherwise, I will release a version with an option to disable this graph part in a week or two

Hello Braduro, the 2.0 is currently the latest public version of Pythagoras, and the install file behind the download link still seems to be right one. The page update date looks more recent because I’ve fixed a typo in the description, nothing more. Sorry if that misled you. There is a version 3 in preparation, with more advanced features. But first I would like to find solutions to keep a user interface that is not too cluttered.

Excellent idea. I am thrilled we get this new device in our toolbox, thanks to you, Joel.

Thank you very much for your comments @Wetterberg, I take note of your suggestions for the v2.

Sorry Braduro, as I don’t own Push yet, I fear I cannot implement and maintain this feature myself for now. But most of the Pythagoras knobs can be mapped via the Midi Map mode of Ableton Live.

Hello Ohkalenaw. Thanks for your feedback. I’ve just tested on the latest Live version. I didn’t face any specific issue. For mapping, click on the MAP button, then click on the parameter you want to map, and the mapping should be set. Is it the way that you proceed?