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About MrPreskovik: Musician in my spare time, I love to produce remixes/reworks of existing tunes.
Don't hesitate to ask if this is what you're looking for.
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Devices by MrPreskovik

Polynom PSK Version 1.0
Pythagoras - Polyrhytmic Sequencer Version 2.0
Ostrogauss Version 1.2
EUCLIDIATOR - Euclidean Arpeggiator Version 1.0.1

Total Downloads: 7,407

Comments by MrPreskovik


Thank you very much for your comments @Wetterberg, I take note of your suggestions for the v2.

Sorry Braduro, as I don’t own Push yet, I fear I cannot implement and maintain this feature myself for now. But most of the Pythagoras knobs can be mapped via the Midi Map mode of Ableton Live.

Hello Ohkalenaw. Thanks for your feedback. I’ve just tested on the latest Live version. I didn’t face any specific issue. For mapping, click on the MAP button, then click on the parameter you want to map, and the mapping should be set. Is it the way that you proceed?