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Name/Version: Modified MIDI Sample and Hold 1.0
Author: Yogen  
Description: Original device by denisdesantis:

Modified by Yogen to allow the user to influence de output value using the input MIDI note.

-the "Noise Amount" knob lets you set how random you want the output to be.

-the "Drive" knob lets you multiply the output value. This results in an exaggerated movement, which can be useful when using a narrow range of input MIDI notes.

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Downloads: 780
Tags lfo, effect, utility, other
Live Version Used: 11.1.5
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jun 06 2022 13:14:14
Date Last Updated: Jun 06 2022 13:15:43
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: MIDI Sample and Hold_Modded.amxd


really cool additions, thank you!

hmm, it seems to have an issue at the moment, it is missing the map button and the other adjacent buttons at the top of the LCD

Oh! Does it really?

I'm very new to Max so I don't know what's going on... :(
I tried downloading the device from this very page and it works just fine for me :/

Sorry about the late answer as well, I wasn't really expecting anyone to comment ahahah ^^'

Let me knoe if you found what was causing the issue!

@Yogen please can u add a loop function?, it is possible just simple counting half or 1 or 2 bars from the moment is pressed the loop function and after press that interval is looped in sync with the ableton bpm, in does matter how/what values are included, this Pamela?s workout module feature from eurorack, very useful for creates moments and even melodies if quantized to a scale ;) belive me this will add a great value to it :)

Thank you!

Hey @pluto

I'm not sure to understand:

You would like, to send a trigger to the S&H in a loop?
So it generates a random note every half, 1 or 2 bars?

If so, you can simply use a Lfo to do that!

If you want the Lfo to only start taking effect when you press a certain note, you can automate the bypass through clip automation

Did I miss anything?

@yogen sorry for my confused message, I just want to be able to ?freez? a state of the sh by a press of a button on my midi controller so it will repeat that modulation function to a selected lenght: half a bar, 1 bar, 2 bars, 4 bars. (Actually a button for every length will be ideal for tge midi controller). When preseed again the same lenght value then is going back to the evolving sh routine

I hope now make more sense, thank you

Ps: i dont care if is looping the previous bars or the next one after pressing the button, how is easiest for you to implement (if is the same for you then previous one make more sense)

by the way I am not able to have/see the maping to add parameters, the original from Deniss is able to do that, is there something I do wrong thx

so when i add the original SH device and add this i see the map button i can mapt it but value is not modulated

i tried both Max bundled and separate 8.3.1 (latest) on my OSX 10.14.6 (last update on Ableton as well)

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