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Exactly what we all needed, thank you!

hmm, it seems to have an issue at the moment, it is missing the map button and the other adjacent buttons at the top of the LCD

really cool additions, thank you!

OH, i was mistaken, it totally works in L11, i just didn't understand the mapping interface, as it remains greyed out. Cool!

This looks like exactly what is needed! unfortunately it seems to not work in Live 11 though :( is it possible to take a look, dear developer? many thanks!!

It solves my problems with map 8 because:
Map8 has limitations because you cannot user-define the macro name. the name also does not appear on push. Additionally, it would be nice to have the macros in the midi slot instead of audio slot on midi channels.

this device can solve all these issues (i hope, i can;t test it until it works in L11!)