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Name/Version: CbLoopRecorder 1.0
Author: CharlyBeck  
Description: Allows to record a sample in loop.

You can record and play the loop with one click and switch back to the original devices that you used to create the loop with another click.

I use it behind cpu expensive device racks (Kick/Hihat) to save cpu load and working time.

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Downloads: 415
Tags sampler
Live Version Used: 11.1
Max Version Used: 8.2.1
Date Added: Feb 26 2022 17:45:10
Date Last Updated: Mar 24 2022 17:26:12
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: CbLoopRecorder_v1.0.amxd


Hey Charly

This is a great device. Works really well and is exactly what I was looking for for my setup. I have a few suggestions to make:

1.) Is it possible to add 2 bar, 4bars, and 8 bars looping to the already available looping lengths?

2.) Is it possible to add an option to fire the states of the looper (recording, playing) with global quantization?

3.) Is it possible to add an overdub function?

Surely possible, i need to find the time. The overdub is inspiring: You could have checkboxes to overdub certain regions. or record several loops and switch between the samples using a step sequencer. some kind of slicing device...

Dear Charly,

that?s a very nice device, thank you!

Unfortunately it is not possible to midi-map the record button which makes it pretty useless for me ...

I would be glad if you could update that, thanks again.

Man - awesome. even fades to prevent clicks at the end of passes!

Man, nice and simple too plus I love that it displays the waveform. Reminds me of motu's polar module'. See:

In fact, would make an excellent live looper if you updated w/ overdub such that for every pass, the interface updated with a new lane for each pass such that a vertical scrollbar eventually appeared to accommodate the increased number of passes.

Definitely would also love to be able to trigger transport / loop stutters .via midii. With overdub, would also like option to save all passes mixed on export or export individual passes to separate files. Sorry for the book, but being able to trigger record when incoming audio hit a certain threshold, or upon any detected midi would also be awesome. Lastly, being able to click and drag selected passes into Ableton clip slots / vsts / browser, along with an option to 'explode' selected passes to a horizontal Ableton scene in clip view would be killer!

I'd pay for that.

P.S. - would also be nice to be able to import a vave file of any length to build upon as a basis for a live looping session.

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