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Thanks a lot, I really was waiting for this! ;)

Unfortunately the "Freeze" button has no effect. It is Midi mappable now in version 2 but doesn´t freeze the signal. Also the on/off buttons "2, 3, 4" have no effect. Whether they are activated or not: all four delays are always on ...

And if I may make the suggestion: a panning option for every delay line and some kind of EQ or signal degrading for the repeats would be great!

I´m on a Mac (Catalina 10.15.7) with Live Suite 11.1.6 (bundled version of Max).

Thanks again for your inspiring work. I use Sagan´s Dream a lot for piano works. All the best!

Dear Charly,

that´s a very nice device, thank you!

Unfortunately it is not possible to midi-map the record button which makes it pretty useless for me ...

I would be glad if you could update that, thanks again.

I really like your device a lot!

It would be so great if you add a blur effect. ;-)

The most important thing for me is a midi mappable "Freeze" button.
Unfortunately right now it isn´t possible to map Freeze to the highest
key of my masterkeyboard for example.

Thanks a lot for this nice device!

Hi Krito,
thanx for your good device!

I love Midi Loopers especially if they offer an option to disable the "through" output like yours :)

One thing: If "overdub" is not activated (just with "record" and "play" activated) the loop (e.g. after 2 bars) is not playing as recorded, just a few tones are audible ...
I´m on Live 10.1 / OSX Catalina.

Also it shouldn´t be possible to activate "record" and "overdub" in parallel. After recording something with "record" and pressing "overdub" afterwards should automatically change the state of the "record"-button.


dear walrusmuse,

I love your textural repeater device! it is absolutely wonderful for my live piano ambient shows. the only thing is there are to many ugly clicks for my taste. as kalansorion suggests I really would appreciate a possibilty to smooth out the clicks as well, also with a really long crossfade.

also a manual would be great. textural repeater really is a complex beast. but I could live with try and error.

the device reminds me of the fantastic "fabrikat", a granular stompbox for guitar from norway company pladask elektrisk. many thanks and keep up your inspiring work!