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Name | Version: DL Waveshaper 1.1
Author: Edd
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: DL_Waveshaper is a minimal yet very powerful resonant waveshaper distortion unit.

It allows to distort the incoming signal using a simple table look-up distortion engine based on 12 different wave-tables. The spearhead of this device is the feedback circuit right after the ditortion engine which allows to obtain harshly noisy resonances and echo-like rythmics (when tuning the feedback frequency below 20Hz~).

When enabled, the feedback resonances can be controlled and modified with the four-band parametric EQ, located just after the distortion engine but before the feedback loop.


Update v. 1.1

Some graphic and processing isuues solved.
Full core engine transcripted in genexpr code for maximum efficiency and stability.


Live Version Used: 11.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.2
Date Added: Jan 25 2022 15:54:35
Date Last Updated: Sep 17 2022 09:37:11
Downloads: 0

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License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Any chance to hear it/see it in action?
@babasynth Sure thing! I was taking my time to finalize the little walkthrough video which you can find as a media in the gumroad link!

@Edd Excellent! Thank you!
doyou allow paypal payments?
@Lester yep.
Hi, nice device, but doesn't seem to locate/load the wavetables unless the device is opened in Max.
@chr That's kinda strange though. Did you make sure to copy the whole folder content in the "max for live audio effects" directory?
If u can't find the directory simply check for a random m4l device in ableton, right click and then "show in explorer".
Otherwise the problem could be solved adding to the max file preferences the folder with the wave tables.

Right now I'm findig a solution to embed the wave tables in the patch without having to make it look for 'em. I will update the device version asap!
@Edd thanks for looking into it. Adding the wavetable folder to Max's file preferences did the trick.
Really enjoying the device.
Def interested but I need to hear it.

@magwa101 In the Gumroad link you can find its engine scheme and a walkthrough video to hear it in action!

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