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Name | Version: Dreadbox Nymphes CC Controller 8.0
Author: Elbo
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: V8
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
- Fixed Program Selecting behaviour: User Presets A1-G7 first on Bank 1, Factory Presets A1-G7 second on Bank 2. Note: If there is no User Preset saved in a slot, the Nymphes will default to the Factory Preset in the equivalent slot e.g. A1 USER would default to A1 LONG PAD 1 if there was no user preset stored in A1 USER.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
- Fixed LFO WAVE dials not responding correctly to incoming MIDI CC.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
- Fixed the mod destinations so that they now receive CC values on preset change from Nymphes.
- Aftertouch dial now responds to incoming aftertouch messages. Polyphonic and normal monophonic pressure. Also added a small button to turn this on and off beside the dial.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Updated to support Firmware v2

NOTE: This device will no longer work with Firmware v1, all of the MIDI CC values have been changed (If anyone still wants v4 of the device for use with Firmware v1, I can upload it again separately but I'm guessing not)

- Reverb parameters are now modulation destinations.
- LFO sync parameters renamed.
- 'All notes off' and 'all sounds off' buttons added
- revised sustain and legato buttons
- minor cosmetic changes

Make sure you enable MIDI CC in and out and Program Change in and out on the Nymphes after the firmware update.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
- Fixed issue where modulation values weren't saving with the Device preset or the set in Live.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

- Added Capture and Recall buttons. Press Capture to store the current parameters values then press Recall to return to instantly return to the stored values.
- Added "Send Values" button which will send the values of all the parameters on the device to the Nymphes. This is useful for example if you want to save the device state in Ableton Live as a preset because the parameter values won't automatically transfer to the synth when it's loaded.
- Added dial for Aftertouch so you can use it like another Mod Wheel instead of having to use automation.
- Fixed program change values, they were off by 1 and were loading the wrong presets.
- Fixed "Zero All Mod Values" button.
- Fixed behaviour where the device would change the preset when loaded to a MIDI track that has the Nymphes already connected.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

- Added Button to zero all four mod source values at once in addition to the button to zero the currently selected mod source values.
- Added Initialise button which will instantly change all parameters to set up a basic saw wave patch (Warning there is no undo so save your current patch first if you want to keep it!).
- Updated LFO Types as the order specified in the manual was incorrect (the menu map card you get with the Nymphes has the correct order).
- Changed Chord Dial so that you can switch directly to the next chord instead of moving between 128 MIDI values.
- Changed LFO Wave Dials for the same reason as the chord (LFO wave types don't blend they just switch to the next waveform).

- Don't forget to turn on CC messages on the Nymphes - In and/or Out.
- I found that if you have the MIDI channel received and send to and from the Nymphes and move the filter fader on the Nymphes you will get some pretty bad stepping. Not sure what causes this, maybe it's some kind of MIDI feedback loop. This happens whether or not this device is on the track so the problem is with the Nymphes. If you know the cause of this and how to avoid it please leave a comment (you can turn off midi input from the Nymphes but then the parameters won't respond on the device).
- Recording automation from the Nymphes to the device is a bit awkward because Ableton interprets the data as CC data (since that's what it is), overriding the automation. I just noticed this behaviour today so I'll do some tests to see if I'm just being stupid and missing something obvious.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Every available CC has been given its own dial. Underneath each modulatable parameter is a number box. This represents the modulation depth amount for that parameter. There are four modulation sources: LFO 2, ModWheel, Velocity & Aftertouch. You need to select the mod source then adjust the depth under the parameter you want to modulate.
Change the Mod Source to one of the four sources and the Nymphes interprets that as a switch in order to send that modulation value from the correct mod source to the chosen destination.

Everything else appears to be what-you-see-is-what-you-get but again if there's anything just simply not working or broken let me know in the comments!


Live Version Used: 11.1
Max Version Used: 8.2.1
Date Added: Dec 21 2021 21:57:22
Date Last Updated: Mar 15 2022 23:09:30
Downloads: 782
License: None
Average Rating (7)

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Device File: Dreadbox_Nymphes_CC_Controller_V8.amxd


Amazing dude, I don't have the device yet either but this absolutely makes me wanna order rn!!!
Looks like I'm in good company then! A lot of people were unsure about the menu system on the Nymphes and I admit I had my reservations until I heard that it would have extensive CC control. Cant' wait to get my hands on mine.
Good to see that reverb as potential mod destination made it on your interface.
There's no mention in the manual of the reverb parameters being mod destinations, only CC numbers for controlling it (CC 44, 45, 46 & 47). Loopop seems to confirm that it isn't possible in his review video here but I will check myself when my unit arrives.
yeah, I'd be curious if you can point to them, but only with CC
It would be possible to add some randomizer parameters ?
Yes it's definitely possible, I did it on my previous device for the Roland TR-6S. I won't add anything new until I have the Nymphes to test but I'll have a look at adding some randomizer stuff next week when I do. Might be a cool way to find interesting patches.
@Muddy I added randomisers to all of the parameters but it really didn't work very well when I tested it. I'd almost always end up with a useless patch so I didn't add them in the end. Sorry about that. Maybe try adding some yourself if you're still curious but I think you'll come to the same conclusion.
16 macros could be more effective for random. You can also constrain the ranges that way, including making certain parameters constant if you do make a randomizer by forcing their range to a single value (0 for volume for example) or by not macro assigning them if you don’t use a randomizer. This comes in handy when you get into clyphx and macrobats.

To begin with, the Attack range is REAL long on the nynphes. The vast majority of random settings would average to species that would not play without lots of waiting
Hey Elbo, I think this is terrific.
Had a blast rev'ing up my first presets. Only thing I suspected is that some of the modulation values do not reset with initialize. Perhaps it is because I assigned them to macros and they carried over the different source options in the pulldown menu.
Thank you for having the modulation wheel on the face of the unit, very helpful.

Perhaps unfair of me to ask around here: the preset menu is only a program change, yes? So those locations cannot be over-written? Also, does anyone know how to load up a .nym patch?

Cheers to you for doing this. I dialed in the sound for my latest track and could entirely customize it to the mix...
Hey braduro thanks I'm glad you like it, I just released a new version if you want to check it out.

The Zero All Mod Values button wasn't working properly so not your fault, I thought I fixed it in the last version so thanks for pointing that out. The problem was that it was sending messages out too quickly for the Nymphes to react in time so I added a 50 ms delay for each mod source. This also affected the Initialise button since they were using the same set of objects to set the mod values to 0.

You mentioning the Mod Wheel made me realise I could probably do the same thing with Aftertouch so I added a dial for that and you can use it in the same way!

The preset menu on my device only sends and receives Program Change messages so it's not able to send read and write messages but as far as I know it is possible. Dreadbox said their upcoming editor will have patch library functionality. I think the first 49 patches are factory only so they can't be overwritten, only the 49 user patch slots can be overwritten.
I'm not exactly sure how all that works to be totally honest. There's a guy I saw on YouTube who is making a CC controller that does have the ability to read and write .nym patches. You can check out his video here although I'm not sure if it will be free when it's released.
Love where you're going with the aftertouch and mod wheel, makes total sense to put both in there. Good for testing, good for modulators like an envelope follower, LFO, etc. It works! And yes, that means we can also target the reverb dials.

Can the LFO modulators apply to their own values? How is it that the mod depth fields are still under them even when LFO2 is selected, for example?

The Send feature produced some unexpected results while the LFO was running, which is true even when the transport is stopped. But I think there was further pushing of the parameters if the Nymphes was not initialized but rather received the Send parameters while still effected by the last preset. For example, adding the DNCCC3.0 as a preset from the library while the nymphes was already impact by that preset caused it to go further off the rails, in a good way!

Also, I can't seem to confirm that the targeted parameters are saving as a device preset. Only the primary values. It's wonderful to not have to use up every slot on the nymphes, btw, and that's exactly how I intended on using this:
getting the nymphes to sound the way I want in a project, and then dragging the DNCCC3 into the Current Project Folder.

And Capture/Recall is a nice touch for updating the device itself or returning to the saved version of a preset if experiments go in the wrong direction. I'll have to test this feature next...:)
Yes LFO2 can modulate its own parameters which is weird and cool. LFO1 can't because its destinations are fixed to the LPF and the Oscillators.

Yes you're correct, if the Nymphes has some parameter settings in a certain position and the M4L device has different settings for those parameters, when you hit "Send Values" those values will be overwritten by the settings in the M4L device. I can't make the Nymphes send its current state so the only way I can think of is to move each parameter on the Nymphes very slightly to send its value to the M4L device.

You're right again, the mod values aren't being saved as Live Device Presets when you hit save, I'm looking into why it is happening so I'll hopefully be able to upload a version with a fix soon!

I got the idea for capture and recall from the Elektron Model:Cycles, it has that feature which is great for live jamming. It's easy to do in Max so I figured why not?

The Nymphes Firmware update V2 is out now. It seems that your M4L plugin V4 doesnt work anymore with this update.

Also, Dreadbox states that with Firmware V2, Nymphes now supports import/export of Presets. Is it possible to build this into the M4L device so that a preset can be retreived from the nymphes? (or some other sort of preset management system in which the nymphes CC knobs correspond to the preset parameters).

Many thanks,

Hi Misha. I have a new version that works with Firmware v2 pretty much ready I just need to test it a little bit first so check back in a day or two.

The preset stuff uses sysex and M4L is able to handle sysex messgages but I'm not very familiar with it so it probably won't be added anytime soon. I'll have a look into it and see what I can do. It would be nice to have for sure.
So glad you are on top of this.
This was a practically an overhaul; almost every CC# changed! And on top of the reverb modulation and other things, thank you kindly for adding the new panic options. Their not even on the CC chart in the new manual. I've already had my share of hung notes, and was going to chalk if off to "charming." But this is much better.

Does it take advantage of the new "transmit on Preset Load" capability? In other words, is it officially two-way responsiveness?
Hi Elbo,

I created an account mainly to say thanks and rate this device 5* !!! :)

I take advantage of this opportunity to ask a couple of questions:
- The VOL knob of the plugin reacts to CC 7 and the MW knob to modulation messages. However the AT knob doesn't seem to react to aftertouch messages
- Is there a possibility to add the Global Settings parameters in the plugin in a future update (for ex. to change the pitch bend range, sliders mode Jump/Catch/Scaled etc.)?

Thanks again for making this plugin!!! :)

Yeah if you have the MIDI channel set to the Nymphes it will change the parameters on preset change. You need to press Load on the Nymphes for it to send the preset data over MIDI, in the old firmware it would send the cc values as you changed the presets but now it waits until you hit the button.

On that note I just realised that I forgot to change the mod values because right now they aren't listening to the preset change CCs. Stand by for v6!

Yeah it was weird, they only mentioned the new panic CCs in the firmware notes but luckily I saw them and put them in.

Thanks glad you like it!
The AT knob is kind of a hack, it sends out aftertouch but I made it so it would be more like another mod wheel. I'll see if I can make it respond to incoming MIDI but if it behaves weird I won't add it in. Especially now that aftertouch is polyphonic.
I'm not sure if those Global settings you mentioned have CC values, if they do and you know what they are then leave a comment and I'll add them in no problem.
@GilJ Aftertouch dial now responds to incoming mono and poly aftertouch, just enable it by clicking the little button beside the dial.
Wow that that was quick Elbo!!! Thanks a lot :)

(Indeed the global settings don't seem react to CC values... maybe to SYSEX but didn't find anything about this in the manual)
No prob. I'm still looking in to the sysex stuff so I'll keep an eye out for any global parameters.
Thanks again Elbo for sharing this plugin with us and keeping it up to date !

I don't know if that has been discussed before here, but when I change preset on the Nymphes and load it, the preset is being changed on the plugin reflecting the position of the knobs etc. However, when I change preset in the drop-down list on the plugin, it changes the preset on the Nymphes, but the knobs on the plugin won't move. Is that the expected behavior, please? (by the way there's a small typo on the V6 plugin where it shows "V5 by Elbo" ;) )
Hey yeah when you change the patch using program change over MIDI the Nymphes doesn't send back the parameters like it does when you physically load the patch on it. If it doesn't transmit its state, the M4L can't update its parameters to match. Not sure if there's a workaround, is there a send all CC values function on the Nymphes?
Yeah I realised too late about the typo and it didn't seem worth reuploading just for that :)
On the v2 improvements list there's written this (but don't think it works when Nymphes receives a program change):

2.2 CC transmit on Preset Load
Nymphes will transmit and update the new CCs values on preset LOAD if CC out is enabled. This way the user can use or create a CC editor that can receive CCs, get informed about the exact values of the current preset and even adjust them by sending CC back to Nymphes. The same
can be achieved through sysex, but the user will need to handle and decode the sysex messages with the Protobuf format.
I read that too but yeah I agree it won't work in this case, it only transmits the CCs when you hit the LOAD button. From what I've noticed, if you change the preset via MIDI, say to preset B6, you would still have to navigate to that preset on the Nymphes in order to load it to transmit the CC values. Maybe it's just easier to ask Dreadbox to add CC transmit on preset change from MIDI for firmware v3!
Thanks again Elbo for your reply :)
I just noticed that when changing the LFO WAVEFORM from the Nymphes, the knob on the plugin react quite weirdly (it does the same thing with the WAVEFORM knobs of both LFOs). The changes seem to take place only in the first ~5% of the amplitude of the slider.
Hey no prob thanks for finding bugs for me :) That is strange, if I had to guess I'd say the input for those dials isn't scaled correctly, they could be only sending values 0-4 instead of 0-127. It might have been changed with the new firmware or I might have just missed it the first time around. Unfortunately my computer broke last week so I can't fix the bug until it's repaired. Hopefully it will only be a few days but if it's going to be longer I'll leave another comment and let you know.
Oh sorry to hear for your computer Elbo!
Don't worry there's no hurry ;)
Meanwhile if you'd like to listen to some music I made with the Nymphes using the "Dreadbox Nymphes CC Controller", here are 2 videos I made:

(there's a special note for you in the description of the first video ;) )
Ok computer fixed and now the M4L device is fixed, phew.

Wow thanks for the shoutout :) Your music is awesome. It's weird, I know these devices are for making music but actually seeing the results, to have evidence that I helped someone make music in some way, it's a cool feeling.

Also gotta get me a Hydrasynth one of these days.
it's not you: ever since I updated, I haven't gotten CC's to be responsive. (Something about the sequence mentioned in the manual, perhaps, regarding "with the shift lit" which is already lit if you advance the menu to the other general settings. Then having it remain lit, rather than become responsive, while the Program and CC IN/OUT faders are move)
I've gotten the DNCCC to send Program Changes, but the CC's are still not happening.
I picked up a faderfox EC4, and the Nymphes is not receiving CC's through that, through an ableton midi track either. I can see the midi fader lights rev up (where the volume would be on an instrument track), so I know the sequencers, and editors, and controllers are sending something...
I got it to work:
it really should say.

Press Menu
Select 7th position on knob (global settings)
Press Shift+Menu Menu button will blink rapidly. You are now in the Global settings for the Nymphes (Instead it says, "with shift lit" which could mean you left it on in general use, or it will go on anyway and be entirely unresponsive)
Use the knob to select which operation you want to adjust.
CC's are knob position 5.
For receiving MIDI CC move the rate fader to its top position. The Shift light will turn on when a setting is engaged, and turn off when a setting is disengaged.
Once you are the through with all adjustments in Global Settings Press menu again such that it is no longer lit.
(it says "Menu" will start flashing slowly. That's also incorrect, relative to it's own modes of flashing. It's in it's faster flashing. So it was tricky to find the misstep)
Hello Elbo

I like your editor. Overall it works well with the Nymphes I just bought. It solves a lot of the shift menu dilemmas on that machine.
One thing that does not seem to work for me is choosing a preset in the user range. Nothing seems to change when I do that. I am on V2 and I have send receives enabled. What is actually loaded in the temp buffer on the machine when I choose one of named presets in the editor seems depending on what I last did on the Nymphes itself --> user or factory. Mind boggling to me.
Yeah it's a pain in the ass to find your way to the correct menu, there is essentially no visual feedback other than a couple of LEDs blinking at different frequencies. Still, once you figure it out it can be quick enough to make change, just have to make sure you have the manual open nearby X-(

The exact same thing is happening to me but it's not just happening when sending program changes from my M4L device, it also happens if you send changes from the MIDI clip in Ableton itself. Basically only preset slots 1-49 respond to program changes (the factory ones) and 50-98 don't respond at all. I'm nearly certain it worked in firmware V1. I think there might be a MIDI message that needs to be sent for it to switch to the user bank. I emailed Dreadbox to see if there's a solution so I'll post an update here when I hear back from them.
Thanks Elbo, glad you enjoyed my music with the Nymphes :)

By the way, a new firmware update is out:

- Sustain pedal message is now disconnected from CC enable.
- The Play modes bug on MPE is now fixed
- CC Out messages on the external Program Change were added to aid the use of CC editors.
- Sysex Dump Request added: F0 00 21 35 06 02 F7

Maybe the new "CC Out message on external Program Change" could help synchronize the knobs on the plugin with the Nymphes when changing presets from the plugin dropdown list? ;)
Hey GilJ thanks for the heads up on the new firmware, I just updated my Nymphes and tested changing the presets from the M4L device and like magic all the dials updated without me having to change anything :) I have a feeling we have Orfeas from Dreadbox to thank for adding it to this update so cheers to him!
Ohhh I love magic :) That's very cool (haven't updated to 2.1 yet ;))

Do you think that the "Sysex Dump Request" which has been added could be used someway in the plugin to backup presets from the Nymphes for example?
Hi Elbo,

Just wanted to let you know that I updated my Nymphes to 2.1 and indeed preset changes from the plugin works like a charm with all the dial being updated :)

I think I found a minor bug: when turning the CHORD knob on the plugin, the parameter does not change when the numbers (1-7) are being changed on the UI, but just a bit after (maybe you could make the knob behave like the WAVE knob of the LFOs where there are only a limited number of positions possible?)

Hey, sorry I'm not sure what you mean, the chord knob is locked to the values 0-7 just like the LFO WAVE knobs are locked to the waveshapes, is there some kind of latency happening from when you turn the knob until you hear the chord change? Maybe you could explain again?

As for the sysex dump request I wasn't able to get the Nymphes to respond to the message so I'll have to see if I can figure it out. You can use the Bome sendSX app you used for updating the firmware to receive a Sysex dump from the Nymphes and save that output in a text file if you want to keep backups of everything, it's really handy!
Hi Elbo,

Sorry I made a reply a couple of weeks ago but forgot to click on the "Submit" button!

Let me try to explain it again this way:
1- Load preset A4 LEAD
2- Hold a note
3- On the plugin, move slowly the CHORD knob

You'll notice that the sound doesn't change when the value of the knob changes from 0 to 1, but a bit after the 1 for example.
Also, what I wanted to say is that this knob, could work just as the LFO WAVE knob where the knob directly jumps to the next value (i.e. you can't set the knob between TRI and SWD).

Please let me know if I was able to explain this a bit more :)

Hey GilJ, no problem and thanks for explaining again. I'm still not seeing the same behaviour with the CHORD dial that you are describing.

The CHORD parameter has 7 different chords plus the off position (0), which makes 8 possible values that the dial can be set to in the plugin (0-7). When moving the dial it should 'snap' to one of those 8 integer values in a similar way to the wave knobs on the LFOs; essentially it already should do what you are suggesting. It should not be possible to move the dial a bit after 1 without the dial snapping to the next value, which is 2 in this case.

I recorded a quick test video with the steps you described. Can you watch it and tell me if the behaviour is different for you? From my point of view it's working correctly.

If I'm still missing your point maybe you could also upload a video that shows what you mean?
Hi Elbo,

Thanks to your description & video, I think that we now have a beginning of an explanation!
The CHORD knob doesn't behave the same way here (and yet I'm using v8 of the plugin!). However the LFO WAVE knobs do snap!

Let me give some more details concerning my setup, if ever that helps:
- Windows 10
- Ableton Live 10 Suite
- Max 8.0.4 (maybe it's my Max version? I'll try to update)

All the best,
Ahhh I knew something weird was going on.

Maybe you're right and the Max version is the problem but the issue seems to be that the CHORD dial in your version doesn't snap between the 8 values but behaves more like a dial with 0-127 values - that would be a very strange thing for them to change between versions. Not impossible but to me it seems unlikely.

I tested with Max version 8.1.11 on Ableton 10.1.42 on my system and the dial snaps and works properly just like expected.

Is it possible you somehow made a change to your copy of the plugin while looking inside and saved it without realising? If so then maybe you could just re-download a copy from here and test that to confirm?
Well it seems that it was my Max version which was too old! Just updated from 8.0.4 to 8.2.2, and the CHORD knob is now snapping!

Thanks for your precious support Elbo :)

Wow I'm surprised that was it, maybe I was using a max object that was only introduced after that version or something? Doesn't matter really, just happy it's solved now :)
Yep I thought about the Max object which could have been introduced after 8.0.4... but that would mean that you used a different version when designing the LFO RATE knob (which was snapping with my old version of Max) vs CHORD knob?
Never mind, back to playing some music with this great sounding synth :)(and with the help of your editor!)
You've made an absolutely great M4L device. It makes the work with Nymphes sooo easy. Thank you very much
Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

Thanks so much for making this device, it's so helpful in using the Nymphes!

One question if I may; is it possible for the device to receive and store the settings from a patch in Nymphes so it can act as a stand alone save? For example, if I load one of the factory presets, can I force the device to display the parameters of the patch?

Many thanks,

Hi Mark, yes absolutely, just set the MIDI track to accept MIDI In from the Nymphes. When you change a single value or a whole patch on the Nymphes it sends out all of its parameter information and the M4L device will update accordingly. Then you can simply save it as a Live device preset. You do need to use the USB port to send MIDI data out since the Nymphes only has a MIDI In port.
Hi, thank you kindly for coming back to me and apologies for not responding sooner (I didn't receive an alert and just so happened to check back!).

Unfortunately, I can't seem to elicit this response from the device. I have the Nymphes connected to the computer via USB and am able to get M4L to change the program on the instrument. I can also alter the instrument using the M4L controls but, unfortunately, these appear in their initialised state at all times unless I alter them manually.

If there was any additional material you might be able to point me in the direction of I'd be most grateful as to have the functionality you've described above would be a game changer!

Thanks again,

Hi Mark, there's a few things you can check:

1. 'Track' is turned on for Nymphes in Live's MIDI preferences.
2. Nymphes is using v2 firmware.
3. The M4L device is insert on a MIDI channel that is armed and is accepting MIDI either from the Nymphes or 'All Ins'.
4. The CC data is only transmitted from Nymphes when you load the patch but you should be able to move an individual fader and see a response in Live.
5. Is Nymphes set to send MIDI CC out? You have to turn it on in the settings menu so refer to the manual for how to do that.

Thanks again for coming back to me. I was doing all of the above but decided to update to firmware v2.1 to see if that made a difference. Some strange results!

- With firmware v2.0 I can make MIDI program changes from M4L. The audio feeding through from the Nymphes reflects the program change but there is no visual feedback in the M4L device in terms of dials changing value to reflect the selected patch. I can make alternations to the controls in M4L and these are reflected by the sound from the synth. Moving a slider on the synth has no impact on the M4L visual in terms of dial movement.

- With v2.1 I can initially trigger audio from the synth but as soon as I make a program switch from M4L the synth becomes unresponsive in terms of outputting sound. However, all dials on the M4L device update each time I make a program switch to (I can only assume) reflect the preset settings on the synth. Additionally, I can control the M4L dials with the synths sliders (again with no sound output).

Very odd. As a last ditch effort I downgraded the firmware on the synth from v2.1 to v2.0 again but, unfortunately, the issues were consistent (prog switching and dial control of synth possible in M4L but no visual updating of dials in M4L when a new patch is selected on the synth).

I'm on Live 11.2.10 if that's any use.

Real shame as if I could get the M4L device to update visually and trigger the synth I'd happily pay for this software :) Please let me know if you find a bug and fix it or if you have any other ideas as to what might be going wrong.

Thanks again!

Hi Mark, it definitely does what you want it to do, I've tested everything here again to confirm and I'm switching between presets from the M4L and from Nymphes and it's updating correctly. Also dials are updating when moving a fader on the Nymphes as expected so I think the problem must be something on your end. My Nymphes is on firmware v2.1 and my live version is also 11.2.10. I'm also using Windows but not sure that matters in this case.

Are you certain you made sure you enabled both MIDI CC in and out and both Program Change in and out on the Nymphes after each firmware update?

The only other thing I can think of is a factory reset then update to 2.1 straight away in case there's some lingering setting that's stuck somewhere.

If nothing works still then maybe reach out to Dreadbox and see if they can give you some troubleshooting steps to take that we haven't thought of here. There's always the chance that there's an issue with your unit or a setting that's easily overlooked.

Let us know if you manage to sort it anyway.

Thanks for coming back to me one more time and for verifying everything. I took your advice, global reset, firmware 2.1 install, double-check all MIDI settings within the Nymphes and then rebooted the computer. Very glad to say it appears to have worked!

So, once more, thank you for your time and for making this great little device available in the first place; it's a huge service to all Nymphes owners, really opens the synth and to be able to store settings in the DAW is amazing.

Very best,

Hi Mark, no problem at all, that's great to hear! I hope it helps you make great music.
Hi, unfortunately, it's back to the same issues now and seems to be intermittent (though now I am unable to get any response after 1 program change from M4L). Not really sure what it might be, I doubt I could send the unit back to distributor on the basis of interaction with a 3rd party software. Oh well, I guess manual control will just have to do it!


Ah that's disappointing. Maybe Dreadbox support would be able to help you troubleshoot then. It could be a common issue with a simple fix. Although if you can confirm that your unit is indeed defective then I see no reason why you couldn't ask your distributor for a repair or replacement if it's still under warranty.

In the meantime maybe see if you can test the program change functionality without using the M4L device. In Live you can send program change messages by setting them in the launch section of a MIDI clip, if you get the same no sound behaviour you know the issue isn't with the device but with program changes in general.
Great advice, thank you! I will check that tomorrow for sure. I did find a work around of sorts by using the 'send' button within the M4L device to forward the settings to the synth, this was successful. However, it's predicated upon the device registering the changes from the synth in the first place (which I wasn't doing at one point). Seems very odd though, Live is clearly receiving the MIDI info from the Nymphes in that scenario but somehow needing a further prompt of the same data back to the synth in order to complete the chain. Will let you know if I find a solution incase it's of use to you or anyone else reading this.


Thank you!
I wonder how people deal with midi feedback loops; If I use this device with MIDI in an out enabled to and from the nymphes it's pratically unusable because midi goes on a loop. I made my own m4l device for my needs with a an auto midi "mute" function but it's not easy to deal with these problems.
Yeah it can be an annoying thing to deal with for sure. I have another device where you can turn on and off incoming Midi CC because it output automation that people may or may not want to record. I didn't bother adding it to the Nymphes CC controller because I figured that if you're using the CC controller it's probably because you don't want to use the faders on the Nymphes anyway.
Great work on this, I have a quick question on usage:

I have a midi channel setup with nymphes as the input, and the output with your device in the middle.. this seems to work perfectly, nymphes changes are reflected on the device and vice versa :)

My question is: will this cause any sort of circular issues since incoming values are sent back out to nymphes so it would be doubling up?

Thanks again for an amazing device, completely makes the experience w nymphes amazing!


This one supports all the lfo modes that other devices do not

Your nymphes must be setup to receive cc and program changes (if you want this feature) for the device to work

Otherwise 5 stars
Hey thanks, yes that setup creates a midi feedback loop. The most noticeable problem it creates is it makes filter frequency 'step' instead of sound smooth when you move the fader but if you read some of the comments above yours you'll see there are other problems caused by it.

I could have implemented a switch to disconnect midi in from midi out for each parameter but the reason I didn't is because the purpose of this device is to avoid using the little faders of the Nymphes and be able to access, automate and see all parameters at once, not really to read input from the Nymphes.

Since this has come up a number of times I might just bite the bullet and try and add in the switch when I have some time. No guarantees as to when that might be though!

thank you for this little controller!

really great I only control it via midi in (via the USB socket I have the noise problem and I don't have the dreadbox USB/Data splitter they are out of stock).

I have a few questions:

When I plug it into USB (which I avoid because of the noise see above), I have the settings reminder which is displayed when I change presets, on the other hand when I use it in midi in, I can control everything (values ​​+ presets, init etc...) but the values ​​are not displayed when I change presets is it possible to do it only by controlling the Nymphs in midi in?

And the second question: is it possible to add an option to rename the "users" presets and see them exported to the PC?

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