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Name/Version: JL Curve Function Macro 1.4.1
Author: JackLion  
Description: JL Curve Function Macro can be thought of as a 'hacked' Ableton Macro

This M4L device works a lot like the macros in Live itself. You can map it to any parameter, adjust the minimum and maximum range, un-map it and control it. The biggest difference being that this macro contains a curve editor for modifying the behavior of your mapped macro. In other words, you decide how the macro works and changes things as it turns from left to right. No more being bound to the laws of Live and staying linear! Curves, multipoint edits and more ideas await.

I've included comments to try and make things as clear as possible for anyone who wishes to use or understand mapping with M4L

This is a variation of the JL Basic MAP Button in my series of tutorials and establishing a connection between Max and Live so you can focus on testing your ideas in live without getting caught up in a major detour.

- User controlled macro capable of automations in Live

- Minimum and maximum transformations on the range of the parameter by % much like how the mapping system works within Ableton macros

- Un-map button for easy un-mapping

- This patch will know not to map to itself to prevent errors as well as immediately snap parameters when mapped to them

- Displays selected parameter

- Snaps parameter to new value when function is edited

-Multipoint curve editor for macro behavior

Watch the video for further exploration:

Patreon: is where I also will be elaborating on this concept further yet again

UPDATE V1.2.1: Updated so that all macros as well as min and max parameters for each macro are available in Live's clip modulation destinations
UPDATE V1.3.1: Fixed a bug where the mapping would break when the device is moved in a Live set. Now the parameter id will be remembered by the device wherever it is moved
UPDATE V1.4.1: Fixed a bug where the when mapping the dials to a macro in a Live rack, the parameter would only make 0. or 1. available. Now modulation modes are bipolar instead of absolute

This device works in Live 9, 10 or 11, Standard (with Max For Live) or Suite.

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Device Details

Tags utility, glitch, other, hardware, dj, m4lhackevent
Live Version Used: 11.0.6
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Oct 27 2021 05:20:26
Date Last Updated: Dec 29 2021 17:39:54
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionShareAlike


this is amazing! very powerful little device, thanks for making it!

My pleasure! I'm happy that you find it useful

Based off of feedback on newer devices that use this patch I have updated one more bug fix where the mapping would break when the device is moved in a Live set. Now the parameter id will be remembered by the device wherever it is moved.

As always, thanks for the support and send me any feedback if more bugs come up!

Its good, but the curve window could be a lot better. Difficult to get precise values and would be nice if the curve was built into the device rather than as a separate window

Thank you for the feedback ScuffyFox. If you'd like for the curve to be built into the device that is not very difficult to implement. However, there is a limit to how big a device can be and I feel that having the curve on the device may not be ideal as it could crowd the UI and the tradeoff would be to make the curve a lot smaller thus reducing accuracy even more.

As for accuracy, is there anything I could change that would make this better? Perhaps something like tick marks at 0, .25, .5, .75 and 1? This is a feature I would be interested in implementing actually.

Hey, pretty solid. I could definitely use a little more accuracy. If the percentage values could go to hundredths. that would be handy. It seen to max out at 3 number values

Just to elaborate...

Im trying to make an ableton macro act like the gain on a dj isolator eq. I want the gain to attenuate to -inf, boost to +6db, and wen the knob is at 50% or straight up, no gain change. I used your device to control the gain on a utility. I was close, but unable to dial it in to the exact parameters. Functionally its there but the fine tuning is not.

Hey VinieP! I'm not sure if that use case is common enough for me to go back and update it at the moment as I have been very busy lately. If you would like to send me a personal email at then perhaps we can talk about working something out :) Perhaps there is a workaround we can figure out.

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