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JL Hackro Rack Version 1.4.1
JL Tune Delay Version 2.0
JL Basic M4L Map Button Version 1.2
JL Curve Function Macro Version 1.4.1

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@sap69 yes, that use case should be supported!

@kokonuts, please email me and I'll gladly help if I can! Unfortunately I could not replicate your issue so maybe take a screen recording so I can see and understand.

Thank you

Hey VinieP! I'm not sure if that use case is common enough for me to go back and update it at the moment as I have been very busy lately. If you would like to send me a personal email at then perhaps we can talk about working something out :) Perhaps there is a workaround we can figure out.

Thank you for the feedback ScuffyFox. If you'd like for the curve to be built into the device that is not very difficult to implement. However, there is a limit to how big a device can be and I feel that having the curve on the device may not be ideal as it could crowd the UI and the tradeoff would be to make the curve a lot smaller thus reducing accuracy even more.

As for accuracy, is there anything I could change that would make this better? Perhaps something like tick marks at 0, .25, .5, .75 and 1? This is a feature I would be interested in implementing actually.

Hey fam, just released an update today! Current users will receive the update for free. Check out the new features above

@bern Hello again my friend. So after investigating the bug, I realized how concerning this is. I decided to have a drink and prioritize this issue tonight and wound up fixing the bug! Also, I included the MIDI variation you requested on the gumroad page, you should be able to download it if you have purchased the previous version. I am actually really grateful that you pointed this bug out though and I am equally surprised that I never noticed before. If you have any issues acquiring the new DLs then feel free to email me! In the meantime take care and as always, please reach out if anymore bugs arise!

Based off of feedback on newer devices that use this patch I have updated one more bug fix where the mapping would break when the device is moved in a Live set. Now the parameter id will be remembered by the device wherever it is moved.

As always, thanks for the support and send me any feedback if more bugs come up!

Based off of feedback on newer devices that use this patch I have updated one more bug where the mapping would break when the device is moved in a Live set. Now the parameter id will be remembered by the device wherever it is moved.

As always, thanks for the support and send me any feedback if more bugs come up!

@bern Hey there, thank you for your feedback. I'm always learning and improving upon my previous ideas so any user feedback is value to me.

I do intend to update this device to have even more modulation behaviors between the master dial and the macros later down the line so stay tuned for that. I'm glad that you figured out the solution to your original problem with that.

In regards to the mappings breaking, that is certainly news to me. I will look into this soon as well and try to figure out why this is happening.

Now when you say the knobs control the sliders but not vice versa, do you mean the knobs and sliders within the device? The sliders control the range which the macros work in so they aren't supposed to affect the macro knobs. Same with the knobs to sliders. Is it possible I am misunderstanding you there?

If you'd like to, you can actually just copy and paste the contents of the device into a new max MIDI effect and save that you can use it the way you like. If anything, I will include the MIDI effect version in the next update alongside the audio effect version.

I appreciate the support, stay tuned for future updates! I have a few other projects i must move onto but I fully intend to follow up on these issues. Take care!

@hangarsliquides ahh thank you for clarifying. I see exactly what you meant now. As a result of your question, I have released an update for the device. Now each macro as well as the min and max parameters are automatable and available in Live's clip modulations. Thanks a lot for the suggestion! I would have missed that otherwise. They are set to absolute mode for the time being.

@hangarsliquides I'm not exactly sure what you mean. The min/max values allow you to determine the range of the macro. So if the min max is 0%, 50% then when the macro is turned all the way, the mapped parameter in Live will be halfway through its full range for example. Works pretty much exactly how the min max ranges in the native Live Macro Mappings menu work as far as I can tell :)

My pleasure! I'm happy that you find it useful

Okay the final patch has been updated. This release fixed all reported bugs and now snaps the Live parameter to the mapped value immediately upon mapping it.

Thank you all again for the feedback! Moving forward, this will be something I reuse constantly

Hey Seth, thank you for the feedback!

I just took a look and believe I found the issue. I simply added a live.thisdevice object to the patch and connected its leftmost outlet to the parameters that I want saved (which is all of them). I also added a loadbang going into the live.thisdevice object just in case but it should work find if you just add the live.thisdevice object.

My apologies for overlooking this, I will update the patch and release it with this minor change today an it should work! To put it simply, this device is more of an example patch and assumes the user has knowledge of how m4l works already hence why I didn't include the initialization feature since it's more of a feature you would add to a finished idea. Nonetheless, I should not have assumed this would be common knowledge. So for the sake of posterity it will be fixed and the comments will be updated to explain this.

Thanks again for the feedback Seth! Check back later this evening for the update.

Thank you for pointing that out @iamwmccarthy, the link should be fixed now! I had changed the URL on gumroad to be more meaningful and simply forgot to update the link here. Now it should work