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Name/Version: Dead Simple Global Transpose 1.3.1
Author: dankilman  
Description: The device contains a single pitch knob. Its range is -12st/+12st.

Drop the device on any track you want to transpose globally. Change the knob value in any one of the device instances. The other device instances should auto update.

Special care was taken to make sure MPE is properly supported.

Known Issues
- At the moment, this device cannot be placed inside a MIDI rack. At best, it just doesn't work, at worst, it can cause Live to freeze, requiring a force restart. To be exact, you can place the device in a MIDI rack, but you can't map the pitch knob to a rack macro.

- Different fix for hanging notes applied as the previous fix seems to be too resource intensive.
poly~ instances moved to 16, and option to pick poly~ voice, based on incoming mpeevent channel, used instead

- Fixed hanging notes bug by increasing poly~ instances from 15 to 1023

- Added "Learn" and "Learn Offset" buttons. Allows setting offset by playing a note. One mode ignores currently set offset, the other doesn't.

- Expose pitch parameter when viewing device using Push
- Fix bug where pitch would reset to zero when adding new device instances

Initial release

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Downloads: 657
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.1.6
Max Version Used: 8.2.2
Date Added: Mar 21 2021 21:05:58
Date Last Updated: Sep 27 2022 00:22:12
Average Rating (1) 4
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

Device Files

Device File: Dead Simple Global Transpose.amxd


A very handy device and a nice idea, thanks for sharing. Alas the knob doesn't show up on Push 2. It can be grouped and mapped to a macro but that causes it to not work across tracks. Any chance of making it compatible with Push natively? :)

Thanks for letting me know :)
Sure I'll get to it in the following days.
I was also not aware that putting it in a rack breaks its functionality, so i'll try addressing that as well

I've identified another bug: When you manually add a device instance (i.e. not duplicate an existing), it resets the value to 0.
A fix will be included in the soon to come update

Fix pushed

Thanks for continuing to update this with bugfixes!

please dead simple time stretch verssion

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