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Name/Version: Audio Clip Tools 1.42
Author: all4live  
Description: Audio Clip Tools - additional panel that allows you to control the parameters of the audio clip ....

warning : this device must be on the master track !!!!

up 1.2:
sоme - fix, add - "multi clip" tool ...
up 1.21:
sоme - fix

update #ACT

1: completely redesigned the concept of the patcher
2: buttons are now "LCD"
3: add control panel transparency in "pin" mode
4: add "Follow To Cursor" function
5: add "Track" panel
6: add "Link" function for "Track" panel in "Follow To Cursor" mode
7: add alternative solo mode, button -"Solo"
8: add "Select" - mode
9: add Track Monitoring in "Solo" mode
10: add Track-Clip vertical zoom and sensitivity for zoom buttons
11: add Track number in "Track" panel
12: add "Fold" function
14: add "Gain freez" function

15: "multi clip" temporarily disabled
16: renamed from Audio Clip Tools to #ACT

all previous versions are available and will not be removed

watch the video on the product page !!!!

warning : this device must be on the master track !!!!

#ACT_28_07_2021 : add x2 zoom for panels, add "List" - panel that displays all tracks of the project ....

to be continued :) ....


Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Mar 06 2021 06:58:04
Date Last Updated: Jul 27 2021 23:51:30
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Does this mean that these clip parameters are a lot easier to automate in the arrangement timeline, too ? like any other automation?

I've been looking for an easier way to set those directly in the timeline, without having to open the clip view.

Great device really speeds up audio editing.. Two things would make this absolute perfect.
1) resizable
2) Not sure if possible but the ability to control multiple clips.

Also the "r" is for reverse right?? Seems to not be working for me in Live 11

Love the "pin" feature

Torley, the automation of these parameters is disabled...


1) are you talking about scaling options ? (zoom)
2) yes, in work, thinking about the concept ...

R. = reset audio clip parameters to default, does not work with track parameters

@all4live Thanks for clarifying, I was hoping you figured a way around it.

coming soon in the next update ....
check the video on :

Hey all4live

Yes scaling os zooming would be nice, I feel the controls are a bit small

That looks really awesome, I like the implementation of being able to edit across different tracks. That a huge workflow improvement!!!

Keep it up, thanks

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