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Name | Version: DocPhase - 3D Stereo 1.3
Author: Crampe
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: DocPhase is a M4L reproduction of the best spatialization/stereo widener/MS tool ever: DrMs by Mathew Lane.
No other plugin does what it does; it made me crazy I had to find out what was happening.

Check this DrMs video demo if you haven't yet heard what's it's capable of! It's mind-blowing imo:

You can now enjoy its magic in Live and from your Push thanks to its spot on dynamic mapping for 1/10th of the original plugin's price.


- filters and delays can be turned on/off and monitored from the main view (Chocolate view)
- general code optimizations
- fixed: phase invert was not recalled properly

v1.2: skipped

- added an Input gain fader (click the Input/Output text-button to switch between them). This helps a lot to prevent clipping.
- parameters are now hidden when inactive.
- fixed delays having 1sample of delay when actually set to 0.

For Live 9/10/11/12
Max 8 minimum


Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Feb 22 2021 04:37:09
Date Last Updated: Mar 29 2024 06:53:43
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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Is there a demo of this in action on Youtube?
Hey Aeko,

Not yet, but you can check the DrMs video demo linked above. It's simply a reproduction of this plugin, with a (imo) simpler interface.
It's sonically the same (minus the rarely used "feedback" parameter).
Can i get some help with getting panarchy free when buying DocPhase? Is it just included in the download of docphase?
Hey, j'ai déjà joué avec drms de Mister Lane et effectivement c'est la Rolls Royce pour le ms et +. Tu penses retravailler tes GUI à l'occase ? Je t'avoue que badhaas, panarchy et celui-ci me font de l'oeil mais tes interamfaces ont un design...particulier. Quelque chose de propre dans le style d'ableton, inspired by nature ou encoderaudio ça serait le nec plus ultra...Bonne chance pour tes prochains devs.
Sorry I thought you were french...Do you plan to design a better Gui like the other mentioned above or it is a no-no ? Cheers, nice work
Hey Axis08
Haha, well GUI...
I think pAnarchy and DocPhase are actually quite usable, but I definitely have a lot of devices with awful GUI.
L'habit ne fait pas le moine ;-)
So many plugins are 95% about pretty GUI, but under the hood they simply offer nothing... I'm not into this game, sorry.
I've been a fan of this device for two albums now. I finally sought out the original drMS in order to see if it was on holiday sale.

In a side by side comparison, docPhase is uncanny. The results are neck and neck. The only distinction worth noting in my first impressions is that docPhase can introduce digital distortion when some modules/quadrants of the device are driven passed the middle image. But dial them in nicely, and I wouldn't be able to hear a difference.

Sure, the knobs are not labeled the same way, for example,
drMS displays relative levels as a percentage. docPhase uses dbFS
drMS has a resonance curve in the filter. docPhase uses this nifty 2-axis adjustment

That said, if you compensate where these two plugins are equivalent by using your ears, the results are a spitting image of one another.

drMS gives you auto-gain and a/b for better matching.
And it gives you feedback of the results into itself
And it gives you m/s
And it gives you presets, (but every use could really be made to order)

And that's just a quick observational comparison. A deep dive might unveil other benefits to the full plugin, but there are plenty benefits to this docPhase. The interface is less noodly on docPhase, not as tweak headed. Dimensions you don't need can be tucked away.

The two devices have an equivalent CPU impact, although I couldn't really tease out any differences in terms of stability. It may be noted that the best performance I got out of drMS was with the VST2 version, not the VST3 nor AU, of which docPhase is more comparable.
@Braduro, thx for your message!
I've put so much energy in order to discover what was DrMs unique processing trick, it feels good to read comments like yours.

The differences you noted are correct and are designed choices, except for the auto-gain which I preferred not doing rather than not doing it correctly (this is more complicated than it seems).

Please spread the word!
Will do, @Crampe!

In fact, I could even be a bit more generous with my review:
As I understand it drMS is effectively an m/s device, is that right? That would mean that effectively docPhase also works as m/s.

And to clarify one observation: drMS is only utilizing feedback between the two bottom quadrants, which probably does lend itself to an unusual form of reverb, the type of which may be good at staying out of the way the direct signal.

And I think your choice in not getting in the weeds with auto-gain was a wise choice. The results are at least in equal measure psychoacoustic, and I never did miss an auto-gain on docPhase.

Additionally, for those even mixing down or taking some stage of their composition onto a Push 3 standalone, drMS is not going to be compatable, whereas the options on docPhase will be easily comprehensive on a Push, even if you use it or the Push 1,2 as a controller. It's a great way to listen to the processing with one hand, and volume compensate with the other.

So there, a bit more thorough of a comparison, and certainly more reasons to praise docPhase

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