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Name | Version: bve.automate 4.0
Author: ithkaa
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: record and playback actions of any parameter in Live

quick start:

- hit "map" and select a parameter inside Live
- hit "record" and move the dial mapped to that parameter
- hit "play" to play the recorded value changes of the mapped parameter

→ set the "record mode" in the menu at the bottom. when the menu is set to anything else but "free", the transport must be activated. recording then starts according to the set record mode. playback starts automatically after the set recording period

→ play mode: select one-shot or looped playback


Live Version Used: 10.1.30
Max Version Used: 8.1.8
Date Added: Dec 24 2020 15:38:44
Date Last Updated: Jan 17 2021 08:29:08
Downloads: 888
License: None
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Device File: bve.automate v4.amxd


Love your devices !
This one is particularly cool !
I noticed few problems make it a bit annoying to use (and re-use):

- The undo history thing (each moves from bve.automate is repertoriated in the undo history of Live)

- I experienced few sync problems, I would love a sync button to synchronise, at least, with the Live transport (play/stop)

- A way to adjust amplitude and offset for each knob would be a super addition :)
@Pierrot2302 updated the device. Let me know how it goes ...
Hi ! Thanks for your reactivity and your work !

IMHO it's a new device now, because of the "map" button instead of the "learn" one. Not a bad thing in some cases but the device acts in a very different way now.

What I found awesome in the previous version was, for exemple, the ability to learn freq and gain from an EQ8 band and move this band directly from the device. With this new version this became impossible...

Maybe you could make 2 differents devices with these 2 approaches since they act differently. I think both can be useful.

I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain, english is not my native language so I not sure i'm clear enough... sorry if i'm not !

Otherwise "undo history" problem is fixed now (really convenient ! :) ) and synchronisation is a nice add !

Again, thanks for your work !
I forgot to mention, in conjonction with an app called "Skym" the previous version was a very nice way record movements of an EQ8 point, specially in a live situation.
Hi! This is a really great idea for a device. Do you know why I can't see the 8 dials on my push when I have it selected?

I've tried looking inside the device and I can see that 'visible to mapping' is checked, but I can't see what more I'd need to do to make it visible to being controlled.
I'm wondering the same thing! Having proper Push control over this would be amazing.
I'd also love it if this could selfpatch... in particular I'd love to map dials to the play and record command of other channels, or even the global ones.
@RRR I don't have a Push (and no experience programming for it) so I can not verify this, but you might find a solution in adding a live.banks object to the patch. More info in this thread on the Max forum:
Thanks! That's gotten me into actually editing devices for myself, this helps a lot.

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