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Name/Version: Carver - The Most Powerful Transient Shaper 1.2
Author: NoirLabs  
Description: Carver is a new type of natural transient shaper that allows for an unparalleled level of transient control, all without any change in perceived volume. Whether it’s making drums hit harder or fading them down to just the transients, Carver just became your new secret weapon.

New features in 1.2 -

Check Carver out in action here -

For a more in depth video -


- Natural sounding transient shaping without changing the perceived volume
- Quickly define the transient and release length
- 3 different shaping curve types
- Transparent input and output clipping
- Split distortion between the full sound, just the transient, or just the body of the sound
- Waveform display that clearly shows the defined transient length in real time
- Adjustable detection sensitivity to pick up more or less transients
- Incredibly accurate transient detection and capable of detecting very dynamic input material
- Choose between Stereo, Mid/Side, Mid, Side options for shaping
- Designed with simplicity and quickness in mind
- Low CPU usage

Change Log:

- Fixed a critical bug that would prevent the proper lookahead compensation from initializing in sample rates other than 48000

- New attack and decay curves; Natural, Punchy and Classic
- New transparent input clipper and output clipper with anti-aliasing filters to prevent aliasing without oversampling when clipping
- New distortion mode to choose between distorting the whole input, just the transient or just the body of the sound. Additionally a presence control has been added that acts similar to a transient driven EQ control to subtly boost the high end of a sound
- Can now choose between processing in Stereo, Mid/Side, Mid, and Side.
- Transient detection is no longer semi-level dependent, will detect transients at near silence with equal accuracy to full loudness
- Slight UI and UX updates to make things easier to use and read
- All control are now midi mappable and automation enabled
- Major CPU optimizations reducing the overall usage significantly

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Sep 24 2020 13:06:41
Date Last Updated: Mar 22 2021 01:45:34
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


This is great!

I wanted to buy it, but I have read comments that it has a bug

It's a great device. But when i load it back from an old set it actually is buggy and i have to reload all the instances. Which is a bit of an issue right now that hopefully will be fixed

can't purchase it on your site. won't take my cards i think because i am overseas. could you enable paypal for gumroad?? all the people i buy from on gumroad use it. never have issues.

Anyone know if this is still bugged like these comments say?

Still buggy..
Ive tried messaging them many times and no answer. I would be carefull to buy it w no support

The gmaudio transient shaper is nice and w updates :)

I have responded to multiple emails from you Telkmx and have received no response back when asking for information as to how its buggy, or what is going on so I can diagnose the problem. We have had extremely low bug reports and if they do occur, it tends to be due to graphical glitches in Windows and Mac that are fixed by reinstalling Ableton.

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